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Bass Guitar

Tutor: Hamish Graham


B.Mus (Victoria University)

Many, many years of playing and performing here and abroad. I have taught for the last 8 years (3 at Scots).

Teaching Approach

No two students are the same, so I like to have a range of options for when I am teaching. For example, I will ask what the student likes to listen to and where possible, and I will try to incorporate it into the learning while also exposing them to other styles. From classical to metal, to old and new, solo or ensemble, there is valuable learning to be had. Also, some like to sight read more than others, and while I do teach and encourage the written language of music (which is all sight reading is), particularly for my bass students, on guitar I don’t insist on it. Some like to sing and strum, some like to pick out melodies.

Ultimately, the enjoyment of the instrument, the music produced, and the process involved in making it is a big part of what I want the student to experience and what makes it worthwhile for them.


Contemporary, Rock/Pop, Aspects of Musical Theatre and Jazz

Offer external exam prep?


Teach notation reading?

Yes and TAB

Your teaching day/s:

During School hours: Mondays, Tuesdays
After School: Mondays

Which year levels do you teach?

Junior (2-6), Middle (7-10), Senior (11-13)