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Special Character

Scots College embraces inclusivity and welcomes students from all denominations, religions, creeds, and cultures. The values of inclusivity and respect for different perspectives are deeply ingrained in the Scots College community. These shared values are reinforced and celebrated in our chapel services.

As a Presbyterian School, Scots College is deeply rooted in Christian faith and teachings. The College's core principle is based on its spiritual life and values, which are guided by the Christian faith. This faith serves as a motivation for various activities such as pastoral care and community service, both locally and internationally.

Chapel services are an integral part of student life at Scots College. Students attend weekly chapel services on Fridays, as well as annual House Sunday Services, where families are invited to participate. Special services are also held for occasions such as ANZAC Day, the induction of new Prefects, and other significant events. Additionally, there are three special Sunday services each year to celebrate Easter, the College's Founders, and Christmas. These services take place at St John's in the City on Willis Street. Religious Education classes are also conducted at least once a week for all students from Years 1 to 12.

The spiritual dimension of life at Scots College is supported by the entire community, with leadership provided by Chaplain David Jackson. Emphasising the importance of spiritual development and fostering a sense of calling, the College encourages everyone to actively engage in supporting and nurturing the spiritual wellbeing of its members.


Rev David Jackson
College Chaplain