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No student should be absent from class without written permission from parents/guardians, senior staff, or the subject teacher at the time.

If a student has an appointment during school hours, an email, detailed text message stating the reason for leaving, or a note from their parents/guardians requesting permission to leave school during the day must be presented to the College Reception Staff before signing out.

When a student leaves, they must sign out at the College Reception and on return sign back in at the College Reception.

If a student begins to feel sick whilst at school, then they MUST report to the School Nurse in the Health Centre. If the nurse deems it necessary for the student to leave school, then she will contact parents/guardians, College Reception, and the relevant House Dean, or homeroom teacher, to ensure the student’s absence is notified.

Middle and Senior School Students

Middle and Senior School students who arrive late to school, during lesson 1 and before 9:30am, must sign in at the late gate located in the CPAC foyer. After 9:30am, they must sign in at the College Reception before going to class.

Year 13 Students

Year 13 students are permitted to leave school during lunchtime, and only to visit the shops in Strathmore. All other students are expected to be at school, at all times, unless involved in EOTC or another approved school activity.

For Year 13 students timetabled with a study period in lesson 1, they are required to sign in at the College Reception when they arrive. Similarly, those with a study period in lesson 5 are required to sign out at the College Reception on departure.

Reporting Absences

Absences for students of the Middle and Senior Schools must be reported on the morning of the absence using the following options:

Full day absence notifications should be submitted by 9am at the latest where possible. Please try to arrange external appointments, etc., outside school hours or in school holidays.

For student absences in the Junior School please either:

on the morning of the absence.