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Tottenham Hotspur Partnership

Tottenham Hotspur’s global development team, alongside our own football coaches, help to develop your skills through an engaging 20 week Global Player Development Programme and our technical development training camps which are run in the April and July school holidays over a 3-day period. Using renowned methods taken directly from the Tottenham Hotspur Academy, these programmes aim to maximise your potential, giving you a solid foundation in technical ability.


The Coaching

Our team of FA and UEFA-qualified professional coaches are dedicated to creating a bespoke, elite coaching environment for students.

During the programme, students participate in sessions that are themed around specific elements of the game and ball mastery.  The development syllabus has been created and designed by the Tottenham Hotspur Academy staff, to help players reach their full potential.  The programme has been developed for the individual player, to give them opportunity to learn and develop their technical ability in playing with flair, fluidity and passion that are the hallmarks of the club. 

Our 2024 Tottenham Hotspur coach will be Sonny Sturgess. Sonny will be conducting the training for the Global Player Development Programme and the Technical Development Camp in Term 2. The Scots College Director of Football will lead the training in Term 3.

Sonny Sturgess, 2024 Coach

With a degree in Community Football Coaching and Administration, and over eight years of experience, Sonny draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience to create a positive and inclusive learning environment for all players. Over the years, Sonny has worked with a number of grassroots and player development programmes, including the Tottenham Hotspur Next Gen, International player experiences, and College partner programmes. Sonny's coaching philosophy embodies the club's core values and player development model, helping players to reach their fullest potential. 

Gerald Lami, 2023 Coach

With over 10 years of player development experience, Gerald has had the pleasure of pursuing a career in football which has seen him progress as a player from grassroots to elite. He has worked with clubs including Brentford, Arsenal, Juventus and AFC Wimbledon, all of which have shaped his coaching journey to date, allowing him to fully support the development of each individual player, focusing on maximising every attendee’s potential not just as a player but as a confident individual, with clear progression pathways.

Donato Campaniello, 2022 Coach

Donny has been with Tottenham Hotspur for many years, focusing on player development programmes for both the Academy and Global Football Development. Donny has led on regional development centres and operated as a Club scout throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and North London focusing on pre-Academy through to the top end of the Foundation phase. Donny also coaches across Tottenham Hotspur's elite private school partnerships and is responsible for player development and coach education within this setting. In addition to his work at Tottenham Hotspur, Donny works closely with a number of local youth football clubs supporting the development of their football programmes and their day to day football administration. 

“My overall skill level has increased, and I have more confidence playing against physically bigger and stronger players.”
— Year 10 Player, 2023
“Coach G was one of the best coaches that I have ever had. He taught me new skills, that I have been able to apply in game situations.”
— Year 10 Player, 2023



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