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How You Can Support Us

Fundraising efforts at Scots College are instrumental in securing the necessary resources to enhance educational programmes, invest in infrastructure, and provide scholarships, ensuring that our students have access to exceptional learning opportunities.

Fundraising plays a crucial role in advancing the mission and vision of Scots College. From capital campaigns for new facilities and renovations to targeted fundraising efforts for specific programmes, scholarships, and extracurricular activities, our fundraising endeavors aim to create a positive and impactful difference in the lives of our students.

The support and generosity of our donors, including parents, alumni, community members, and businesses, are vital to the success of our fundraising efforts. Their contributions enable us to invest in innovative teaching resources and state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, fundraising initiatives help us provide financial assistance to deserving students through scholarships, ensuring that a Scots College education remains accessible and inclusive for talented individuals from all backgrounds.

How to Give

Make a Donation

We warmly welcome your generous contribution - the support of our wider community makes a lasting difference to the College.

Donate Your Year 13 Bond

You can donate your Year 13 child’s Education Bond at the end of their final year at the College. Once your final account has been cleared, your Education Bond will be transferred to the Scots College Foundation Scholarship Fund or to an area of the College that you would like to support.


A bequest to Scots College will cost you nothing today but will have an enduring impact on future generations. Bequests can be tagged with a specific purpose or be unrestricted to be used at the discretion of the College Board of Governors or Scots College Foundation. 

For futher information about how you can leave a legacy, please click here.

Parent Help

We run many events throughout the year with a fundraising focus and would love your involvement. If you have a skill to offer, a business contact that can donate prizes, or would like the chance to meet other families at the College, we would love to hear from you.


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