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Student Stories

Scots College has had the privilege of educating a wide range of students from around the world.

Faye Wannasiri (English)

Faye Wannasiri (Thai)

Hankle Hu (English)

Hankle Hu (Chinese)


Sophia Naraghi Bagherpour

From the day I came here I felt very comfortable and part of a big family. Especially as one of the first girls to ever board, I was very fortunate to end up in such a caring environment as I did. I know that the situation with girls was new to everyone, so I appreciate even more how you always tried to fulfil our wishes, involved us in decisions, and responded to us. I couldn’t have been happier here; you have made my time the best of my life. I wish you all the best and the future boarders (especially girls) are really lucky with the team here.

“Our family is from Mexico. We really had to weigh up the decision to allow our 11 and 13 year old boys go abroad to study to New Zealand. It is a far away country and they had some opportunities in the USA and Canada. But when meeting the people from Scots College we were certain that we were making the right choice.

Scots College offers the perfect ambiance for learning and growing up in a place that still believes in children, that allows kids to be kids while at the same time have high standards in all they do, from values to technology. I found Scots College the most respectful place for everyone around, with a friendly and safe environment that enables young men to excel themselves at their own pace. At the same time I enjoy watching how Scots College is in constant evolution. But most of all I am so happy to see my boys grow up to become these beautiful, intelligent, well-educated and happy young men that they are. Thank you Scots College!”

Cristina Puga and Guillermo Pizzuto
San Luis Potosi, Mexico