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Parents' Association

The Parents' Association at Scots College plays a vital role in fostering a strong partnership between parents, school staff, and the wider community, supporting the educational journey and overall wellbeing of the students.

The Parents' Association at Scots College is a dynamic and engaged community that actively contributes to the school's mission and enhances the educational experience for all students. Comprising of enthusiastic and dedicated parents, the association collaborates closely with the school administration and staff to organize events, fundraising initiatives, and volunteer activities that benefit the entire school community. Through their active involvement, parents have the opportunity to contribute their skills, time, and resources, creating a supportive and inclusive environment that enriches the educational journey of all Scots College students.

The SCPA welcomes all parents and caregivers of Scots College students, from Junior to Senior School, regardless of working status or gender.

Our primary goal is to raise funds for important school initiatives that benefit the students and the overall school community. Additionally, the SCPA offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents, network, and engage with College staff, the Headmaster, and Principals while enjoying some enjoyable moments together.

To get involved, simply attend our monthly meetings as a member. It's a chance to socialize, contribute to decision-making, and have meaningful discussions with College staff. Meetings are held at the College, and you can participate in as many as you like. Your commitment would be approximately 2 hours per month, making it easy to actively participate in the SCPA's endeavors.

Join us and make a difference in the school community while forming lasting connections with fellow parents.


SCPA Meetings

We host several SCPA meetings throughout the year. The dates for the 2024 SCPA meetings are as follows:

  • 14 May
  • 11 June
  • 13 August
  • 17 October

Leadership Team


Become a Supporter

If you’re short on time but want to help now and again for a couple of hours, just join our mailing list below and we can let you know where we need extra help for events coming up.

Want to know more?

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