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Able & Ambitious

At Scots College, we have rebranded the concept of "Gifted and Talented" as "Able and Ambitious." Our programme recognises the most academically able students, alongside identifying and giving opportunities to those who are hard-working, determined, independently engaged, and who display attitudes that are vital for success in the wider world.

Our aim is that Able & Ambitious students within Scots College shall:

  • Be correctly identified as Able & Ambitious in specific subject areas.
  • Have their potential realised through classwork and home learning that is tailored and matched to their individual needs.
  • Be praised for studying in a climate of experimentation where failure is rewarded, and where students embrace danger and take risks with their learning.
  • Have opportunities inside the classroom and though extra-curricular and/or enrichment provision to develop their skills, ability, and talents.
  • Have their emotional/social needs considered alongside intellectual needs.
  • Have their progress monitored and supported (mentored) by appropriately trained staff.
  • Have their parents involved in the process that recognises and nurtures their talents.


Teachers aim to stretch and challenge all students within the classroom, uncover hidden talents, and provide extended provisions both within and outside of the classroom. A self-selecting process for our Able & Ambitious students allows for an inclusive approach into our whole College and subject-specific higher learning programmes. Teachers will aim to uncover hidden talent, curiosity, individual flair for a subject, high intellectual ability, and ambition in order to identify the most Able and Ambitious students, providing extended provision inside and outside the classroom.

The identification of Able and Ambitious students is based on a combination of staff identification, achievement data, internal assessments, and classroom observation. Both exceptional ability and ambition in various areas - such as intellectual, creative, social, and leadership - are considered.

The involvement of parents and carers is highly valued, and their input is sought in identifying students with potential for excellence. They are encouraged to engage with the programme, and can contact the College for more information.


Margaret Sutton
Able & Ambitious Coordinator