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All International students must live in accommodation that has been approved by the College. Students can choose from a range of options.


Scots College is the only school in Wellington to offer co-educational boarding from Year 9 (13 years old) and above, in separate facilities. Seventy percent of our international students choose this option.

The boarding house (Gibb House) is modern, spacious, warm, and well-equipped. Total capacity is 110, with an approximate mix of 60% domestic to 40% international students. Boarding has many advantages. It is a great way to make friends and enjoy a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities. Students benefit from a disciplined homework system and the availability of extra tutoring. They learn to manage time and, importantly, live with others from New Zealand and around the world.


Living in a homestay is a good alternative to boarding for students who would prefer to live in a family situation. Forty percent of our international students live in a homestay. Many international students will choose to experience homestay accommodation as an alternative to boarding. This gives students the chance to learn how Kiwi families live in a more private setting.

All homestay families are carefully selected and vetted by our full time Accommodation Co-ordinator.

Every homestay family is different. Host parents can come from many different walks of life – married, single, retired, with children or no children – there is no typical family, just that they all share an interest in meeting people from new cultures, and are able to provide a welcoming and caring environment for students. All host families are expected to treat their students as they would their own children.

We aim at placing students in homes which meet the following criteria:

  • Within a reasonable distance of the school.
  • English is the main language spoken in the home.
  • The student has his or her own room.
  • The home provides a caring and welcoming environment.

Current Scots families wishing to provide accommodation for international students should contact our International Students Support and Accommodation Coordinator.

Diana Tan
International Students Support and Accommodation Coordinator
+64 4 978 5052

Designated Caregiver

A Designated Caregiver (DCG) is a person who is a close relative or a close family friend. The DCG needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a close relative or family friend.
  • Located within a reasonable distance to the school.
  • Over 25 years old.
  • Must be in a family setting (i.e., husband and wife), single female, or an older (over 25 years old) brother.
  • Prepared to take responsibility for the students’ ongoing care (this may include picking them up from school if they are sick, attending student-led conferences, and making sure they get to school on time).
  • The student has their own room, three meals a day, access to snacks, bed and bedding, study desk and chair, adequate bedroom furniture and storage, adequate lighting and heating, and transport arrangements to and from school (this may be on public transport).
  • Must be NZ citizens or permanent residents.


Students are able to live with one or both of their parents. The parent will need to be on a visitor visa, with the condition of being a guardian of an international student. We also need a copy of the parent’s visitor visa.

All international students aged 10 or under must live with a parent.