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Daily Notices

Friday 5 July/ Rāmere 5 Hurae

General Notices


‘The 1st XV rugby team have a big game against St Pats Silverstream this Saturday at 2.30 here at school. All the support we can muster will be greatly appreciated. ‘

Y10 – 13 students are you interested in being student athlete in the US? Come to McKinnon on Thursday 4th July at morning tea to have a chat with Maddie Barnes currently studying Commerce at Morningside University in Iowa, and Hunter Wilson currently studying Mass Communications at University of North Carolina Asheville. Both Maddie and Hunter are Scots Collegians having left the college in 2022, they are student athletes on football scholarships. Come with your questions for them!

New Zealand Engineering Science Competition

  • Year 12/13 Mathematics and Science students!!!!
  • Teams of 3-4 students
  • SATURDAY 10th August 10am à 6pm
  • First prize is $1,000 per student and the two runner-up teams get $500 per student.  There is also a $500 prize for the teacher in charge of each of the top three teams.
  • No prep required just turn up on the day

If interested, please find a team and let Ms Sutton know (on TEAMS or in the Science office) by Thursday 1st August (Week 1 Term 3)


Over the next holidays, there will be some significant building work taking place in the Aitken building.

The lockers that are currently at the bottom of the stairs near the Deans Office WILL BE REMOVED AND SCRAPPED. If you use a locker here, you will need to clear out all of your belongings before the end of the term. Anything left in the lockers will either be put into the skip or lost property bins. If you need a locker in Terms 3 or 4, you should take any of the unclaimed lockers that are currently in Chartres Alley. If you can’t access one at the start of Term 3, you should liaise with your Dean and they will help you find a spare one.

All of the lockers opposite Room 17 will be relocated to the space near G14. If you have a locker here, you MUST EMPTY YOUR LOCKER BEFORE THE END OF TERM. You will be able to use the same locker again at the beginning of Term 3 but it will be in a new location.

For everyone else, make sure you empty your lockers before the end of this term too.

Community Project Notices

" Please note that the podcast will be recorded on Wednesday the 26th and the Episode will go live the same week on Friday, so if your event is before those dates then your advertisement won't be out in time, and you probably shouldn't bother. "

You know as well as us that at the end of the term there is a huge assessment push and things can get very hectic. So for our community project we have made a study booklet with useful tips and information from the academic leaders as well as techniques to help you study. So if you are eager to improve your academic performance we highly recommend getting your hands on a copy. You can go to the receptionist for a copy or if you one of us we’ll have some on hand. If you don’t get one this week, no worries. If there is demand for more booklets, we will give out more next week. Thank you!


Cultural Notices:



Sports Notices:

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