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Staff Contacts

The most important factor in delivering a world class education for our students is unequivocally the quality of our teachers.

Aaron Xiao
MFdSc; PGDipFdSc
Science Technician


Adam Frost
ICT Helpdesk Assistant
+64 4 380 7665


Adam Musa
Kitchen Assistant


Alan Smith
DipTchg; BSS; PGDipMathsEd
Deputy Principal Curriculum
+64 4 803 0596


Alex Johnson
Strength and Conditioning Coach


Alex Marull
BSc;DipTch (Sec)
Teacher of Mathematics


Alex Sinclair
MTchLrn; BA (Hons); BA (Hist)
Teacher of Humanities


Alicia Low
College Nurse


Dr Alison Lundy
PhD; GradDipTchg
Teacher of Visual Arts


Dr Alison Stevens
PhD Microbiology; BSc (Hons) MedBio; GradDipTch (Sec)
House Dean Plimmer (Senior School)
Teacher of Science and Biology
+64 4 380 7650


Alistair Hamilton
DipTchg; BA
Director of Physical Education and Sport (Years 1-8)
+64 4 388 0853


Amanda Gibbs
DipTch; BSc
Deputy Principal Senior School, Operations and Pastoral
+64 4 388 8867


Amy Joe
RN; BN; PGCert Nursing (MH); PGCert (Forensic Psychiatric Care); MHC
Director of Wellbeing
+64 4 803 0595


Amy McMullan
BA; BSc; PGDipSecTchg
Teacher of Geography


Anastasia George
Accounts Assistant
+64 4 380 7658


Andre Bell
BEd; DipTchg; PGDipRugby
Director of Rugby


Angela Garrity
GradDipTch (Sec); GradDipTheo; BSc
Teacher of Chinese


Angie LeCarpentier
BMus (Hons); BA
Teacher Aide (Middle and Senior Schools)


Anna Farrier
CA; BCom; GrdDipSc
Tuck Shop Assistant


Anne Bolton
College Secretary
+64 4 978 5037


Anthony Rehutai
GradDipTchg; PGCertBus; BA
House Dean Smith (Senior School)
Teacher of Mathematics
+64 4 388 0858


Arina Memet-Eminova
Accounts Receivable Officer


Dr Barbara Manighetti
GradDipTchg; PhD; BSc; DipClinPsych
Head of MYP Science
Laboratory Manager


Barrie Lucas
BSc (Hons); GradDipTchg
Head of Middle Mathematics
+64 4 978 5054


Bessie Fepulea’i
Pasifika Liaison Connector


Beth Saez
BEd; DipTech; DipECE
Classroom Teacher Year 0 (Junior School)


Brian Nelson
MFA; DipVCD; NZCE; DipTchg
Teacher of Materials Design Technology


Bridget Kidd
GradDipTch(Prim); BCom; BSc
House Dean Smith (Middle School)
Teacher of Mathematics
+64 4 388 0864


Brigitta Kijono Utomo
Tuck Shop Assistant


Callum Brookes
BA; DipSec Tchg
Assistant Principal Co-Curricular
Teacher of Humanities
+64 4 380 7586


Cath Ziedins
Teacher Aide (Junior School)


Cathy Hu
Teacher of English


Celliers Verster
BCom; PGCertEd
House Dean MacKenzie (Senior School)
Learning Area Coordinator Commerce
Head of Business Studies
+64 4 380 7700


Chris Hooper
Philanthropy Manager


Christian Zachariassen
BSc; DipTchg
Principal, Senior School


Christine Newdick
Library Assistant


Claire Hinton
Human Resources Manager
+64 4 388 0854


Clinton Down
BCA; PGDTchg; PGDSprtMgmt
Teacher of Commerce


Clive Venter
BEd (Hons); BEd (Ed&Trg)
House Dean Aitken (Senior School)
Head of Design and Visual Communications
+64 4 388 0859


Connie Denison
Payroll and Accounts Officer
+64 4 388 9046


Craig Morrison
DipEd; BBs; PGCert Ed Leadership
Assistant Principal Curriculum


Damian Ormsby
Cert Computing Lv2; Bus Admin and Computing Lv2-3
Data Officer


Dave George
College Maintenance - Gardener


David Berry
BEd (Sec)
House Dean Fergusson (Middle School)
IB Assistant
Teacher of English
+64 4 978 5058


David Carr
MA; DipTch; DipTESOL
Head of Āwhina Learning Support


David Groufsky
Technology Technician


Diana Tan
International Students Support and Accommodation Coordinator
+64 4 978 5052


Dianna Bodman
Trading Manger, Uniform Shop
+64 4 380 8536


Duke Pōmare
BBmedSc; GradDipTch
Teacher of Science


Dougal Perrers
Teacher Aide (Middle and Senior Schools)


Edit McIntosh
MEd (Dist); PGDipEd (Dist); GradDipTchg (Sec)
Teacher of Science (On Leave 2023)


Elisa Bishop
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Elsa Lucas
CA; BCommAd
Payroll and Accounts Officer


Emerson Nikora
DipEd (Prim); BEd; DipPE
Teacher of Te Reo Māori (Language and Culture)


Emily Salisbury
Design and Marketing Coordinator
+64 4 388 0855


Emily Sawmhal
Food Truck Assistant


Emma Hart
BA; DipLibrary
Director of Library and Information Services
+64 4 380 7583


Emma Mossop
GradDipTch; GradDipArts; BA
Teacher of Humanities


Emma Phelps
BspCoach; BA
Director of Sport
+64 4 978 5038


Faith Miller
PGDipSportMgt; CA; BMS
Accounts Payable Officer
+64 4 803 0594


Fanolua Faleolo
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Fiona Simeona
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Francesa Ngan-Lorenz
Tottenham Hotspur Administration


Gabby O’Rourke
BSc; DipTchg
Teacher of Mathematics and Statistics


Gary Johnston
Dip ESOL; Dip Tch Coll; MA (English and History); BA (dbl maj English and History); FTCL
Relief Teacher


Georgina Lynex
Bdes (Hons); GradDipTch
Teacher of Design and Visual Communications


Gerald Yang
BPE; GradDipTchg (Sec)
House Dean Plimmer (Middle School)
Assitant Housemaster
Teacher in Charge of Chinese
+64 4 380 7703


Graeme Yule
BCom (Otago); DipTchg (Canterbury)
+64 4 388 0861


Greg Wright
BA; DipTchg
Classroom Teacher Year 5 (Junior School)
+64 4 978 5039


Hannah Braddock
Teacher Aide (Junior School)


Hannah Clark
MTchgLrng; MArts; BA(Hons)
Head of History


Hazel Redpath
MA (Hons); PGCE (Sec)
Head of Middle School English


Ian Leslie
GradDipTchg; BA (Theatre Studies & English)
House Dean Uttley (Senior School)
Teacher of Drama and Film
Pipe Band Manager
+64 4 380 7704


Imogen Neil
Future Pathways Coordinator
Assistant Housemaster
+64 4 978 5033


Isshin Enta
Gap Tutor


Ivan Patterson
BA; BMus (Hons); DipTchg
Head of Music
+64 4 388 0872


Ivan Tissera
NZC (L3)
High Performance Coach


Jackie Calder
College Guidance Counsellor
+64 4 388 0862


Jackie James
DipTchg (Music)
Rātā Studios Manager
+64 4 380 0850


Jamie Blake
BCom; BPE; GradDipTchg
Director of Basketball
Teacher of Physical Education


Janet Paterson
Catering and Kitchen Assistant


Jared Bush
ICT Assistant
+64 4 380 7665


Jason Laverock
BA (Hons); PGCertEd
Deputy Principal Senior School, Operations and Pastoral
New Teacher/Student Teacher Liaison
Teacher of Humanities and Leadership
+64 4 803 0597


Jayshree Jasmat
GradDipTchg (Sec); BCA
Teacher of Science


Jess Richardson
MTchLrn; BSc
Head of Biology


Jess Turfrey
Director of Rowing
Sports Coordinator


Jo Soffe
Teacher Aide (Middle and Senior Schools)
Junior School Homework Club Supervisor


Joanna Calvert
MYP Assistant
Teacher of Music


John Haydock
BSc (Hons); PGCE (Dist)
Teacher of Physics


John Nieuwoudt
Property Manager
+64 4 380 7582


John-Boy Pakuria
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Jordan Kramer
Gap Tutor


Julia Matega
College Maintenance - Cleaning Supervisor


Kajal Hurier
BComm (Marketing and French); GradDipTch
Teacher of French


Katarina McInnes
DipTch; DipMaori & Indigenous Art
Teacher of Te Reo


Kate Bondett
BA (Hons); BEd
MYP Coordinator
Teacher of Geography
+64 4 388 0866


Kate Jones
GradDipTchg (Sec); BCA
House Dean MacKenzie (Middle School)
Teacher of Religious Education, English, and Psychology
+64 4 380 7706


Katerina Dragunis
Tuck Shop Assistant


Katherine Bertram
House Dean Glasgow (Middle School)
Learning Area Coordinator Technology
Head of Materials Design Technology
+64 4 380 7707


Kierrin Gaffney
BA Information Design (Hons)
Boarding Supervisor


Kirsten Beard
Classroom Teacher Year 1 (Junior School)
+64 4 388 0867


Lauren Watkinson
PGCertSecEd; BA (Hons)
Learning Area Coordinator Languages
Head of European Languages


Leila Sadat
BA; GradDipTchg (Sec)
Teacher of French and Spanish


Leisel Griffiths
GradDipEd (Sec); BCom; GradDip (Econ); CA
House Dean Fergusson (Senior School)
Head of Economics
+64 4 978 5050


Liam Roche
Director of Cricket


Linh Quan


Luisa Feleti
Kitchen Assistant


Maja Fyfe
International Services - Exchange and Administration Support Officer


Maninder Gill
GradDip Computer L7; BIT
ICT Systems Administrator
+64 4 380 7665


Margaret Sutton
PGDip Sec; BSc
Learning Area Coordinator Science
Head of Chemistry
+64 4 388 0874


Maria Calcott
Executive Assistant to the Headmaster
+64 4 388 0861


Maria Marquez
BA; PGDipTchg
Acting Teacher in Charge of Spanish


Mario Saez
BEd; DipTech; HDipSpanish
Classroom Teacher Year 6 (Junior School)


Marina Cook
Chief Financial Officer
+64 4 380 7661


Marius Nel
BA (Hons); DipEd; CELTA
Teacher of English


Matt Allen
BEd; DipTchg; PGCert MidMgt
Principal, Middle School
+64 4 803 0592


Matt Bertram
BA; DipTchg; DipFor(PG)
Director of Boarding and International Services
Teacher of Humanities
+64 4 380 7655


Matt Jarry
BA; GradDipTchg (Sec)
Acting House Dean Mawson (Middle School)
Learning Area Coordinator Arts
Head of Visual Arts
+64 4 380 7659


Matthew Roberts
PGCE (SecGeo); BSc (Geo)
Head of Geography


Megan Claridge
MTchLng; BSc; MA; BA
Teacher of Science


Megan Jackson
MMedCreativeTech; BA (Sociology)
Digital Marketing Coordinator


Mei Zhan
GradDipTchg; MEd; BEcon
Teacher of Mathematics


Michael Bolton
College Maintenance - Grounds


Michela Turnbull
BCA; DipLib
College Archivist


Michelle Barnes
BEd (Hons)
Assistant Principal Junior School, Operations and Pastoral
Senior Syndicate Dean
+64 4 803 0591


Michelle Flood
GradDipTchg; BSc
Teacher of Tourism
Relief Teacher


Michelle McCorkindale
BMus; DipTchg
House Dean Uttley (Middle School)
Head of Religious Education


Mikaela Sawyer
BEd Arts
House Dean Mawson (Senior School)
Teacher of Mathematics


Mike Ashton
MA; BMus (Hons)
Performing Arts Technician
+64 4 380 7662


Mike Dennis
Executive Chef
+64 4 380 7587


Mike McKnight
BSc; DipTchg
IB Diploma Coordinator
Teacher of Science
+64 4 388 0869


Mike Sinai
Assistant Custodian


Mitchell Edwards
GradDipEd (Sec); BexSc; GradDipRE (Sec)
Learning Area Coordinator Physical Education


Molly Hall
Gap Tutor


Murray King
College Maintenance – Grounds


Ngarama Milner-Olsen
Director of Netball


Nicola Perniskie
BA; DipTchg
Classroom Teacher Year 2 (Junior School)
+64 4 803 0599


Nicole Yin
MIntMgmnt; BEng
International Recruitment Manager
+64 4 978 5053


Nike Fala
Laundry Assistant


Nikki Wilson
Laundry Assistant


Niko Gasologa
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Olive Mulcahy
Dip BusStudies
Personal Assistant to the Principal Junior School
+64 4 388 0863


Pamela Hunt
Uniform Shop Assistant


Paula Eastman
GradDipTchg; BA, PgDip Art
House Dean Aitken (Middle School)
Head of Drama
+64 4 380 7709


Penny McEwan
Development Officer


Persephone Georgiakakis
College Administration Officer
+64 4 978 5035


Pesa Morrison
BHlthSci; PGDipTchg; MTchgLrn
Teacher in Charge of Health
Teacher of Physical Education


Petar Grgec
GradDipTchg; BA; Cert (EngLit)
Teacher of English


Peter Sulcaray
ICT Assistant
+64 4 380 7665


Rachael Wilson
GradDipTch (Prim); BEd; DipEDTch
Classroom Teacher Year 5 (Junior School)


Rachel Donovan
Tuck Shop Assistant


Rachel Maisey
MTchLrn; BA
Teacher of English


Rachel More
BA; MTheatre Arts; PGDipTchg
Assistant Housemaster
Teacher of Film and Drama
+64 4 978 5056


Rachel Spencer
Teacher Aide (Middle and Senior Schools)


Radomir Mihajlovic
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Raphael Kim
GrapDipTch; MBA
Teacher of Mathematics


Ray Choice
College Maintenance - Carpenter


Rebecca Jackson
MTchLrn; BA (French)
Teacher of French


Rebecca Wilcox
BFA (Hons)
Assistant Chaplain


Rev David Jackson
B.Des; DipTchg; PGDipChap
Teacher of Religious Education


Richard Found
PGCertEd; BSC(Hons)
House Dean Glasgow (Senior School)
Teacher of Leadership
+64 4 978 5049


Richard Kirk
MEd; BEd; BA
Principal, Junior School
+64 4 388 0863


Rob Hawley
DipTch; BE
Acting Head of Physics


Rob Kilvington
BSc (Hons) Applied Biology
Teacher of Mathematics


Roni James
Chef Manager
Weekend Matron
+64 4 388 0875


Rosie Roland
MEd; BEd
Assistant Principal Junior School, Curriculum and Learning Support
+64 4 803 0593


Russell Holmes
BEd; DipTchg
Assistant Head of Physical Education
+64 4 388 0876


Russell Ririnui
College Maintenance - Painter


Samuel Allen
BBioSc; MBioSc
Science Technician


Sandra Geusebroek
Tuck Shop Assistant


Sarah Brown
BA; LTCL; DipTchg
Learning Area Coordinator English
Head of Senior English
+64 4 388 0873


Sarah Whyte
Teacher Aide (Middle and Senior Schools)


Scott Giffin
BSc; GradDipTchg
Assistant Director of Boarding
Learning Area Coordinator Mathematics
Head of Senior Mathemathics
Assistant Timetabler
+64 4 978 5034


Seamus Flood
BSc (Hons); PGCertEd; MEd
Assistant Principal Middle School
EOTC Coordinator
e-Learning Resource Teacher
+64 4 380 7589


Sean Tunnicliffe
BHSc (OccH&S)
Health and Safety Coordinator


Sharon Hedges
Personal Assistant to the Principal Middle School
+64 4 803 0592


Shellae Bryant
College Nurse


Sheree Bennett
PGDipCBL; GradDipTch; TEFL Cert
Head of Digital Innovation
Teacher in Charge of Matamoe


Shoshanna Salomen
GradDipTchg (Sec); TESOL; BConIntStd; DipJapStd
Teacher of Humanities


Sophie Hensen
MTchLrn; BComm
Teacher of Commerce


Spencer Davis
BA; MA(Ed)
Teacher of English and TOK


Stephanie Croft
Alumni Officer
+64 4 380 7580


Steve Rhodes
BSc, PGDip, DipTch
Teacher of Science and Biology


Steve Sila
Teacher Aide (Middle and Senior Schools)


Susan Levett
BBS; GradDipTchg (Prim)
Teacher Librarian (Junior School)


Tania Steadman
Boarding House Matron
+64 4 978 5048


Tess Jamieson-Karaha
Arts Coordinator
+64 4 978 5036


Tessa Miller
MEd; BSc
Classroom Teacher Year 4 (Junior School)
+64 4 912 2370


Tom Lazarides
GradDipTcg; BA (Hons); BA (EngLit); TEFL
International Dean
Teacher of ESOL


Trey Tanuvasa
GradDipTchg (Sec); BA
Teacher of English


Trudi Bell
BA; DipTchg
Junior Syndicate Dean
Classroom Teacher Year 3 (Junior School)
+64 4 380 7584


Vaa Matega
College Maintenance - Cleaning


Veronica Hodgkinson
Senior Accountant
+64 4 388 0878


Victoria Papadopoulos
BA (Hons); LLB; GradDipArts; GradDipTchg
Learning Area Coordinator Humanities
Head of Middle School Humanities
Teacher in Charge of Classics


Viridiana Çervantes Ibarra


Waheeda Khan
BEd; BA (Hons)
Teacher of English


Wendy Hughes
PGDipDigMark; BA (Hons); DGDipMark; AdvCertMar
Director of Marketing
+64 4 978 5032


Will Struthers
BA; Grad Teacher (Sussex Uni); Cert in TESOL; Dip for Grads
Deputy Principal Middle School, Operations and Pastoral
+64 4 978 5051


Zoe Hainge
BVA; GrapDigTchg
Teacher of Arts (Junior and Middle Schools)