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Meet Alamay - A Boarder at Scots College

Alamay is from Gisborne, and came to Wellington in 2022 to join Scots College as a boarder. She remembers feeling very nervous, but also excited about the new people she’d meet and the new opportunities she’d have at Scots College.

“On my first day in boarding I remember meeting the prefects and staff members at the front of Gibb House. They were all smiling at me as I was walking in and it made me feel so welcomed which made some of my nerves go,” says Alamay.

Alamay believes that being a boarder has enhanced her friendships and sense of community.

“Living in the boarding house really helped with starting a new school because already before the first day of school I knew a bunch of students who were friendly and in the same position as me because most of us were new.”

Living and studying together in the same environment has also helped Alamay with her learning.

“Every weekday, we have a set time for studying, which the whole boarding house has to do. I think this has helped me because I find it better when I’m studying with my friends because they can help me if I need it and we also have teachers there as well that are always willing to help" 

"If I wasn’t in boarding, I think I would find it hard to have a dedicated studying time with the amount of sports I do, but being close to school is easy because I don’t have to travel far to go home or go to trainings,” says Alamay.

One of Alamay’s highlights of boarding at Scots College is the Gibb Cup, and seeing the whole of boarding playing sports. “The other thing I really enjoy is meeting all the new students that come into boarding because everyone has a different background to who they are or where they come from.”


Boarding Information Evenings 

If you are interested in boarding at Scots College, please click here to read more.

In March 2024, we will be visiting Blenheim, Nelson, and Hawke's Bay, to offer families the opportunity to meet our Principals and our boarding staff, and discuss the many academic, sporting, and cultural opportunities available to our students, as well as the onsite boarding facilities. Please click here to register for one of our Boarding Information Evenings. 

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