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Finding A Home Away from Home

Boarding student Mischa Holley tells us about her experiences of boarding at Gibb House, and the invaluable sense of warmth, support and belonging she has found here.  

Mischa's story begins with a return to her roots.

Having spent her early years in Wellington, Mischa moved to Auckland for a brief stint, but she found herself missing her old community. It was comments from friends that led her back to Wellington, to board at Gibb House. "I'm really happy they mentioned it to me," Mischa reflects, "I am really enjoying not only being back in Wellington but also boarding at Scots."

Central to Mischa’s experiences has been Gibb House’s strong support systems for its female residents, as well as its unwavering sense of community.

“Even though there are certain friend groups in the girl's boarding house, we do share a mindset that we are all a family and are all friends in some way shape of form,” says Mischa. “I especially like the common room and how there will always be someone to talk to there. It is basically like a shared flat where you can sit down and relax with your friends.”

As a senior student, Mischa has recently moved into a mentorship role, extending a warm and welcoming hand to newcomers at Gibb House.

“I try to be a very welcoming person to new boarders, and as a head girl of boarding, I will always be open to talking about anything regarding school or even personal issues. I provide emotional support by always giving a smile and starting up conversations with girls who don't seem to be mingling as quickly or who are new to boarding,” explains Mischa.

“We also have a new system in place where all Year 13 girls get assigned a new girl boarder to mentor and help out with schooling or boarding life in general, so the new boarders always feel they have support.”

Behind the doors of Gibb House there is also a superb team of staff who make every effort to ensure our boarders feel safe, happy, healthy, and motivated.  Mischa speaks fondly of her bond with Ms Gaffney, Assistant Director of Boarding (Girls), likening her to a second mother. "I know I can always go to her and get unbiased advice on anything," says Mischa. “She makes me feel truly supported in boarding.”

Boarding life has also helped Mischa develop other skills. “Something that I regularly struggle with is procrastination,” says Mischa. " Before boarding, I would often leave school work to the last minute which made me extremely stressed and I never really had a consistent study schedule. Now that I'm in boarding I'm extremely confident in my studying skills and can usually bear the workload. This is because of prep time, and how much it encourages me to work and stay on track.”

For those contemplating boarding at Scots College, Mischa offers resounding encouragement. "It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made,” she says.

“By joining boarding, you're automatically granted friends and a sense of belonging. It may sound daunting, but everyone is extremely welcoming and you'll fit in straight away.“

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