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Future Pathways

Delivering a Personalised Career Education and School-wide participation in a Future Pathways Programme (Careers) enables students to make better informed decisions about their future direction.

The Future Pathways programme begins in Year 7, through their Middle School years students begin to develop an understanding of what Careers education is, develop adaptive skills and take ownership of their interests. This prepares them well for the Senior School where they are faced with very important decisions around what curriculum and subjects they will choose. The Senior School Future Pathways Programme is shaped to assist them in navigating through making these decisions and to provide them with the core skills and competencies required as they move on to further education or employment. All Future Pathway Programmes in the Senior School are integrated with our Leadership sessions.

Students and parents are welcome to book appointments for career interviews anytime with the Future Pathways Coordinator Ms Imogen Neil, careers@scotscollege.school.nz, ph (04) 978 5033.

Senior Students are provided with access and resource from Career Central platform (An online 24/7 portal for students and staff).

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Study & Scholarships

A large part of the Future Pathways Programme is guiding students to be prepared in putting their best foot forward when it comes time to apply for study and scholarships. The following information demonstrates the scholarships attained by our Year 13 leavers in the previous year and their chosen pathways.

2021 Year 13 intentions for 2022

Offered Scholarship values by Institution for study in 2022

Valuable Careers Links

www.careers.govt.nz – A very valuable resource for students and a good starting point.
Under the tab ”Courses” the website gives information on

  • choosing school subjects
  • understanding NCEA
  • applying for scholarships
  • study and training options
  • tertiary study
  • Workplace training and apprenticeships


Handy Resources for Subject Selections

Thinking of going to University

Read the following

Undergraduate university courses PDF (42KB)
Transition to University PDF (1.3MB)


Money Hub – Want free money to study? Money Hub is the Ultimate NZ Scholarship Guide for University Studies 

Generosity is a website that lists all possible scholarships available in New Zealand.

The website can be accessed:

  • On any computer on the school network
  • or by entering your library card details on the Wellington City Library Website.

It cannot be accessed from home.
University websites also list scholarships available at the particular university.

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