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Become a Homestay Family

We have a growing number of international students from around the world and are now looking to expand our pool of homestay families, for both short term and long-term hosting.

Five reasons to become a homestay family:

  1. Support an international student

For international students, moving to a new country for an education can be an incredibly rewarding, and life changing experience. It can also come with challenges, particularly in the first few months as they settle into their new home. Homestay families play a critical role in making the students feel welcome and supported, and a part of their new community.

  1. Discover more about a foreign country

Their language and cultural backgrounds are all unique. You can learn phrases in their native language, cook different recipes together, understand what aspects of home-life are common in different countries, and find out what people love and miss about their home.

  1. A new way of looking at everyday life

By living together with someone from another culture, you’ll discover differences and similarities that shine a light on things you may have taken for granted in your own life.

  1. Sharing the beauty of New Zealand and its culture

Host families can make the best of an experience when they help their international guest become immersed in New Zealand culture. Sharing customs, events and traditions help form an image of New Zealand and who we are as a community.

  1. New friendships and connections that last a lifetime

The impact that homestays and host families have on each other’s lives can be quite profound and so it’s very common for hosts to remain in touch with their international family member for a long time after they’ve left New Zealand.

Every host family is different. Host parents can come from many different walks of life – married, single, retired, with children or no children – there is no typical host family, just that they all share an interest in meeting people from new cultures.

Requirements for Homestay students

Homestay students should be provided with:

  • 3 meals a day and snacks, including a packed lunch during the College week
  • Laundry – washing and facilities to iron
  • Bedroom with a table or desk, chair, mirror, reading lamp, bed with linen and blankets or duvet, heating system, chest of drawers and/or wardrobe

Most importantly, we are looking for hosts that will provide the same level of care and support that they would expect their own son or daughter to receive if they were in a similar situation in another country.

The student is to be living in a caring, stimulating family environment which supports and encourages a balance of successful study and the enjoyments of sporting and cultural activities suitable for teenagers living in New Zealand.

What we provide

Scots College has a well-resourced International Services department, with a full-time Accommodation Co-ordinator who is able to provide advice and guidance throughout the year.

Homestay families are paid $370 a week.

For more information on how you can offer your home, please contact our Accommodation Coordinator, Diana Tan

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