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Frequently Asked Questions

Tottenham Hotspur Global Player Development Programme 

Is the programme co-educational?
Yes, encouraged at all levels.

What are the age groups?
Year Levels 6 to 10.

How will players be selected?

Players are selected through application process, attending try outs and pre-season training  organised by Director of Football.   Players who have already been in the Tottenham Hotspur player development programme previously do not need to trial. 

Can students from outside Scots College be involved?
Yes, but places are limited

Do players in the programme have to play for Scots College?
Yes it is a requirement for all Scots College students to play in a school team.  No for non-Scots College students.

What is the Pricing?
Programme costs for 2023 are outlined on each page of each programme. Programme fee does not include full kit cost for 27 week programme.

Is being in the Global Player Development Programme guarantee of a place the following year?
No, places are performance and character based and Tottenham Hotspur coach alongside Director of Football will make these calls as required both during and after the season.

How many players are involved?
As the programme is now combined with the Scots College Football Academy numbers are not limited

How much training will players be undertaking?
Players will participate in a maximum of three to four sessions a week. These sessions can include gym, strength and conditioning, technical skills, theory or small games. During Term Two the Tottenham coach will be providing 1:1 small group coaching with individual players. 

Can I attend other outside football commitments?
Yes you may attend other training sessions outside of the Programme, but please discuss this with Tottenham Coach and Director of Football.  Our sessions are not all compulsory, but we would expect these to be a priority to ensure the best training and improvement opportunities.

Who will manage my loadings?
This will be up to each individual player, parent, to ensure loadings are managed. The health and wellbeing of a player is priority.  However, should there be ongoing missed sessions, this will need to be discussed with the coaching team.

If I am in the Tottenham Programme do I need to attend team training sessions.
Yes, all players must continue to be involved in their team training sessions.

Holiday Programme

Are players selected for the Holiday Programme?
No, there are no trials process for the holiday programme.

Where do players stay for the camp?
Players from outside of Wellington will need to arrange their own accommodation

If I have already attended a camp previously, may I register for another?

Please feel free to email us if you have any further queries :

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