Frequently Asked Questions

Tottenham Hotspur Elite Player Development Programme (THEPDP)

Is the programme co-educational?
Yes, at all levels

What are the age groups?
Junior (Year 7 to 9) and Senior (Year 10 to 12)

How will players be selected?
Players are selected through an application process including attending trial sessions run virtually by Tottenham Hotspur coaches from the UK. These trials will be held at Scots College

Can students from outside Scots College be involved?
Yes, but places are limited

Do these students have to play for Scots?
If not a Scots College student this is not a prerequisite and we are allowing students from outside of Scots to participate.

There will be playing pathways for students outside of the College with local clubs depending upon their goals and abilities. We are working with Miramar and Team Wellington

What is the Pricing?
Programme costs for 2021 are as follows and do not include the cost of the Scots College Football Academy Programme or Tottenham Hotspur Player Development Programme Kit.
Scots College player: $500
External player: $1000

How will the coaching development work?
Initially this will be online in 2021. We expect to offer access licenses to single or all sessions again at an accessible cost

Do I have to be in the Scots College Football Academy before I am considered for the THEPDP?
Scots College students who wish to be considered for the THEPDP will be expected to participate in the SCFC Academy/Footschool programmes (as appropriate) and to play for an appropriate school team. If there is not an appropriate school team to play for (more likely with junior girls in the short term), Scots students will be able to play for a club team and take part in the SCFC Academy/Footschool programme(s), and be eligible to be considered for THEPDP.

It is, and will remain, necessary to manage the training and playing loads of all players who wish to play school and club football, and we expect to work constructively with the players, their families and their clubs around this. We also understand that Capital Football’s/club’s requirements, particularly relating to the scheduling of TDP/CDL games and the requirements of the TDP programmes, are continuing to evolve and we will work with that where it remains practical to do so.

Scots College students who take part in other elite and/or exclusive academy programmes, and who do not play for a Scots team will not be eligible to take part in THEPDP.

Scots College students who take part in other elite and/or exclusive academy programmes, and who play for a Scots team may be eligible to take part in THEPDP.

Non-Scots College/external players who are selected for THEPDP would be able, and will be encouraged, to participate in the Scots College Academy/Footschool programme(s), but would not be required to play for a Scots team.

Is there a quota of external students in THEDPD?
No, but this is a programme that we have entered into so we can continue to grow and build on our footballing success. We expect, however, that the THEPDP will include a good majority of Scots College students.

Is there a quota for girls in THEPDP?
No, but the intention is that, with Scots College becoming a fully co-educational school, THEPDP will include our strongest male and female players. As a school and football community we are committed to Scots College being the No. 1 Footballing School in NZ – which will involve and benefit all Scots College footballers.

Who picks the players for THEPDP?
Players will be selected following the virtual talent identification process lead by Tottenham Hotspur through a virtual tutorial technical session and one-to-one interviews of players. Scots College coaches will then host practical talent identification sessions, with selection decisions then made by Tottenham Hotspur with input from the Scots College coaches. 

If a player isn’t selected in THEPDP is that the end of their development at Scots College?
Definitely not. The THEPDP is purposefully targeted at the strongest (elite) players with the most potential across the Year 7-9 and 10-12 year groups. It is the icing on the cake. Not all players who express interest will, however, be selected for THEPDPD. Those who are not selected will be able to continue their football development through the SC Football Academy which, we know from the performance of our teams and development of our players this year, is an excellent programme that is achieving great results.

Does the academy play together?
No but we are looking into a tour to Wollongong, Australia in July 2021 to join their training sessions and this may involve games. This is dependent on Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Is being in the THEPDP in 2021 guarantee of a place the following year?
No, places are performance and character based and Tottenham will make these calls as required both during and after the season.

If I choose not to be in the virtual THEPDP in 2021, will that mean I cannot be selected in 2022?
Not necessarily. Obviously, involvement in 2021 allows you to form a relationship with Tottenham, which is going to be a positive when selection for 2022 is made.

How many players are involved?
There will be up to 10 players in each squad; Junior (Years 7 – 9) and Senior (Years 10 -12). While it is likely that these numbers could grow in 2022, these is still to be decided.

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