Board of Governors

The governing body of the College is the Board of Governors, appointed annually, which is chaired by Dr Jo Cribb. On it are representatives of the Presbytery, the Old Boys’ Association and the Parents’ Association, with other members nominated by the Board.

It is responsible for all aspects of the College’s operations and for:

  • monitoring the College finances;
  • ensuring the College has a sound future; and
  • development of new projects for the College.

Board Chair: Dr J Cribb

Board Members:

  • Mr P Poppe
  • Rev B Keenan (Presbytery)
  • Rev R Prasad (Presbytery)
  • Mrs K Ellis
  • Mr M Dossor
  • Mrs A Elliot (Parents Association)
  • Mr B Kidd (Old Boys’ Association)
  • Mr J McDonald
  • Mr M Vivian (Old Boy’s Association)
  • Mrs S Stew
  • Mr H Plimmer

Management Representatives on the Board:

Mr G Yule

Ms M Calcott
Board Secretary 

Any communications to the Board can be submitted via

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