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We view the Curriculum holistically at Scots – it is more than simply academic study – and, as such, we expect and encourage all our students to be involved in the wider life of the College through cultural, sporting and service commitments.

Years 11 – 13 at Scots should be viewed as a three-year course – it is the qualification from Year 13 which each students should be, in general, striving towards. Although new options are available each year, most have prerequisites and build on prior knowledge. To ensure that Seniors have the advice and support they need to make good decisions, we provide course counselling along with regular review and advice in tutor groups. The key people are the House Deans, the Assistant Principals Curriculum (IB and NCEA), Principal, and the Careers Advisor.

Advice and guidelines to assist families of Senior students with course selection for the following year is provided through our Curriculum Handbook (see below) which is published early in Term 3. Additional information is offered at IBDP and NCEA information evenings in Term 2. Details of these appear on the term calendars and in our newsletters. Parent Teacher Interviews during Term 3 also provide the opportunity to discuss the next year’s courses, particularly with subject teachers.

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