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House System

House system

The House System adds another dimension to a student’s experience in the Prep School. Houses foster pride, team work and cooperation as well as providing an avenue for our Year 6 students to develop their leadership skills.

Each student from Years 1 to 6 is assigned to a House upon starting at the Prep School.  Initially students are assigned to Houses according to family links. If there are none then they are spread about the Houses evenly. We attempt to make the Houses even in terms of class level, cultural and sporting ability. This allows for good even competition on the sports field and in other competitions.

Potatau House

Students earn House points for all Inter-House activities, such as Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, House Music, Haka and major sports, and the winning House is awarded the Townsend Shield for Inter-House Competition – Sports and Cultural at the Prep School Prizegiving.

Academic Merit points earned in the class or Community Service Merit points earned in the school environment go towards the highly valued P J Avery Shield for Academic Endeavour and Service also presented at our annual Prizegiving.

The House System at Scots Prep fulfills several purposes. It is designed to:

  • Provide a source of collective spirit whereby each student feels they belong to a positive, supportive group (other than their class), which will look after their interests and to which they feel able to contribute purposefully in their own way regardless of academic and/or sporting ability. Particularly relevant here is the ‘vertical grouping’ nature of each House i.e. Years 1 – 6.
  • Create a means whereby leadership and responsibility can be shared more widely throughout the members of the Year 6 group, thus providing opportunity for the leadership potential of all senior students to be developed and evaluated.
  • Allow for friendly rivalry and competition across the ages in the school, thus breeding greater school spirit.

Each House is allocated a number of Leaders led by a House Captain. These Leaders are selected through a process of discussion involving all Staff and as such are accorded no special privileges, but are expected to set an example in their attitude and behaviour, and to assist in the running of the House.

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