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Education Outside the Classroom

(16-20 March 2020)

Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) is a valued part of the Scots curriculum.  Taking students outside the classroom, away from the city and letting them discover and learn through their time in the outdoors is an essential part of the ‘All Round’ education.

Camp programmes are led by a combination of trained teachers and fully accredited outside providers to give students an authentic outdoors experience that both challenges and inspires. We have an excellent variety of experiences to challenge individual students through their Middle and Senior school years at the College.

We aim to:

  • provide students with opportunities to learn in an outdoor environment;
  • reinforce the learner profiles that are taught in the classroom like being balanced, risk takers and reflective.
  • promote appreciation of our heritage – local, national and global;
  • increase students awareness and understanding of the traditions and values of their own and other cultural groups;
  • increase students understanding of different perspectives on land, natural resources and the environment, and of the need for conservation management;
  • provide students with opportunities for enjoyment, adventure and challenge, both close to home and far away;
  • provide students with opportunities to enhance spiritual, physical and mental well-being through uplifting experiences in a natural environment;
  • develop students’ skills so they can move with confidence and safety in urban, rural and wilderness settings;
  • help students develop respect for themselves and others, by providing them with opportunities for personal and social development;

During the first term all year groups (7-13) will move away from the classroom environment for an entire week. Staff will also be off timetable and will join the students on camp and can benefit from the experiential learning as well as building stronger relationships with the students. We currently undertake trips to Marlborough Sounds, Abel Tasman, Tongariro and Great Barrier OPC as well a variety of resources in the greater Wellington area.

College students will experience overnight and week-long camps in the different natural environments that New Zealand is rich in. We offer them a taste and hopefully a love for the outdoors, along with the confidence and skills necessary to tackle new situations and challenges put in front of them.

For inquiries regarding EOTC activities, please contact Peter Connell.

Camp destinations:

Year 7 - Wellington

The students will be undertaking a variety of activities to explore different cultures, taking part in a traditional Maori hangi, learning about Poi and the Haka, making Chinese dumplings and learning about martial arts, competing in a mini Tour de France, dancing traditional Spanish dances and so much more.

Teacher in charge is Scott Giffin.

For more information on activities, cost, where and what to do before please click here

Year 8 - El Rancho (Waikanae)

Students will be staying in cabins on the El Rancho camp site.

Instructed Activities: Tubing, Raft Building, Rifles, Archery Soft, Rock Wall, Go Karts, Chapel Escape, Wilderness Survival, Horse Treks

School Led Activities: Team Initiatives, Burma Trail, Giant Games, Waterslide, Tennis Courts, Discover ELR, Frisbee Golf, Bivouac Building, Swimming Pool, Orienteering, Slip N Slide

Teacher in charge is Gerald Yang.

For more information on activities, cost, where and what to do before please click here

Year 9 - Tongariro National Park

Navigate the Whanganui river over four nights. The contractor will supply pre-trip accommodation in Ohakune on the Monday night (not dinner).  They will supply of canoes, paddles, barrels, bailers, life jackets, ropes, maps, personal locator beacons, guides (1 per 12 students), food (breakfast, lunch, dinner each day) and all cooking equipment.

Scots College will need students to provide tents, sleeping mats and bags, clothes, personal requirements, snacks, plates, cups, bowl, utensils for meals. Meal for evening before departure and breakfast. Transport will depart and arrive at Scots College.

Teacher in charge is Mark Redgrave.

For more information on activities, cost, where and what to do before please click here.

Year 10 - Nelson Lakes National Park

The students will be undertaking a variety of activities in the beautiful Nelson Lakes National Park, the outdoor pursuits centre provides a wide variety obstacle courses, physical and team challenges all with a lake and mountain as the backdrop. The lake is safe to swim in and will be open to students when supervised.

Teacher in charge Daniel Dyer.

For more information on activities, cost, where and what to do before please click here.

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