Co-education in the Middle School (Years 7-10)

Co-education in the Middle School will commence in 2021 with places being offered in Years 7 and 9. The decision to begin with Years 7 and 9 in the Middle School is to focus on these Year Levels of natural enrolment in schooling. This will see full co-education introduced over two years.

However should demand show for girls in Years 8 and 10 the Board will consider opening a class at these levels if they feel the College is able to implement this change effectively and the students’ educational needs can be met.


With a growing roll we will be developing the current specialist teaching programme for Middle School students with the potential to include digital innovation design, food technology and light engineering.

The Diamond Model

Students in the Middle School will undertake their classes following the Diamond Model. Students undertake their full year courses such as Maths, Science Humanities, PE and English in a single sex environment. Option courses such as languages and selected subjects in the Arts and Technology will be taken in a co-educational setting. We believe this model, in particular during these initial years of co-education, will provide these early adolescent students with a transitional pathway combining the academic benefits with the social advantages.

Houses, break times, school trips and co-curricular activities are all mixed providing opportunities in co-educational settings that will allow students to develop socially and emotionally in a safe environment.

Class Sizes

To ensure personalised learning there are a maximum number of spaces available at each Year Level. Spaces available for girls are initially smaller to see individual learning is maintained while logistics required for a growing roll are developed.

In the Middle School class sizes will be set to a maximum of 24 students. This will see a maximum roll of 96 students in each Years 7 and 8 and 120 in each Years 9 and 10.

Although we will use our best endeavours, as we transition to this, we may not be able to precisely meet these limits in 2021 but are confident this will not have a material impact. There is no reduction in the number of spaces available to boys and students currently attending the College are guaranteed a place in the following year.

Once we reach the class size limit a waitlist will be developed and at some Year Levels if numbers allow we will consider opening an additional class.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is important for boys and girls, especially during their early adolescent years. Boys have a robust pastoral care programme through their House Dean, Tutor, College Counsellor, College Chaplain and Middle School Leadership Team. In the initial years of co-education the girls will have their own Middle School Dean whose primary responsibility is their pastoral care. As a smaller group this will ensure they feel comfortable in their new environment. This Dean will work alongside the existing pastoral care team.

We will establish a peer support programme for the girls across all three schools, similar to the boys’ student mentorship programme.


All students are included in the existing House system amongst the eight Middle and Senior School Houses.

Tutor groups will be co-educational. Students engage in the PERFORM wellbeing programme primarily through their tutor groups and a co-educational environment will enrichen this programme. We do recognise that some topics may need to be discussed in a single sex setting.

Cultural Programmes

The inclusion of both girls and boys will further provide a depth and breadth across the cultural programmes. There are so many options to choose from including debating, music, tv and film, productions and chess.


Middle School girls will have access to our specialist sporting programmes with Directors of Sports in many codes in addition to the Year 8 pathway to podium programme. All students have access to the College’s quality coaching and training programmes for athletes of all abilities.

All students in Years 7 and 8 take part in the Thursday afternoon specialist sporting programme with a large variety of codes to choose from.

The change to co-education will allow us to expand the current fixture calendar. Many of the current schools we meet for fixtures are co-ed themselves and we can also begin to include girls’ schools.


There are a variety of leadership positions available in the Middle School. While it is unlikely girls will be able to hold formal leadership positions in the first year there are a number of leadership opportunities both with and without a badge. The growing number of student groups and committees is an excellent example of this where students are leading groups such as the QSA (queer straight allegiance), Wellbeing, Environmental Committee and Tasi Noa Wha (Pasifika Group).


All students take part in the same EOTC (Education outside the classroom) Programme, in a co-educational environment. Provisions are made at each Year Level to see all students are cared for during their EOTC experience.


Boarding in Gibb House is available for girls in the Senior School. There are Homestay options available to girls in the Middle School.


Enrolments for boys and girls from 2021 are now open and details on enrolments are available here.

As places are limited we encourage families to begin the enrolment process as early as possible for the best chance of securing a place for your child.

Any families interested in enrolling their daughter in Years 8 or 10 are invited to register their interest with Middle School Principal Matt Allen via PA Sharon Hedges at

We invite families who are interested in their daughter enroling in the Middle School in Years 7 or 10 to join us for a private tour between Tue 25 August & Fri 4 September. More information and registration details are available here.


If you have any questions relating to co-education in the Prep School please do get in touch with Sharon Hedges at

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