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House System

The Middle & Senior Schools are divided into eight vertically arranged Houses with students from each Year Level (Years 7 – 13).

Each student becomes a member of a House and works and develops as a member of a closer community structure. They stay with the same House for their time at Scots giving continuity and a sense of belonging.

Senior students organise many of the activities in which the House is involved and watch over the junior members in a mentoring role. The activities include inter-House sporting and cultural events, as well as administrative routines.

The House system is important in other ways. It provides a wide range of involvements to all our Middle and Senior School students through inter-House competition in sport, drama, debating and music – events which are fiercely contested among the eight Houses.

There is an element of rivalry between Houses in round robin competitions in many different activities such as basketball, netball, debating, touch rugby and house music. Each year culminates in a formal House dinner for Yrs 9-13 where trophies and colours are awarded and the Head of House presents their report for the year.

Loyalty to the House is paramount and long after students have left school Collegians will remain strongly loyal to their House.

Each House has a Dean and a number of House Tutors (Teachers) assigned to specific Year Levels from Years 9 – 13. These Year Levels will meet with their tutors on a regular basis to assist and monitor a student’s progress in all aspects of College Life.

A Year 13 student is appointed as Head of House (College Prefect) with Captains (Year 13) appointed to coordinate the various House activities held throughout the year. There is also a Year 10 House Representative appointed to assist the organisation and involvement of Middle School students.

Year 7 and 8 students are assigned to one of the eight Houses and are involved in the Junior competitions available during the course of the year. They also take part in whole House activities. The pastoral care and mentoring of these students is overseen by their Homeroom Teacher and House Dean.

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