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About the Middle School

The introduction of a Middle School at Scots College enables us to provide a professional learning community for the Middle years with values that are unique and special reflecting:

  1. Emerging adults as a stage of development, education and learning in its own right
  2. Learning and teaching at this stage is distinctive and different from Primary and Senior Schooling

Pedagogy: Responsive

Pedagogy is deliberately responsive to the needs of our students – academic, social, emotional, physical and psychological domains. We provide a learning environment and teaching strategies which engage students in a way that is appropriate for their particular stage of development. By genuinely consulting and negotiating with students to establish relevant learning contexts, contents and experiences, we ensure they develop thinking skills, and inquiry-based approach to learning and challenging horizons.

Curriculum: Purposeful and meaningful

Curricula across the Middle School is developmentally responsive, purposeful and meaningful for our students, focusing on and related to the evolving interests and needs of our students. Students are part of the learning process. Learning is personalised. Students are taught how to learn and how to think for themselves in a critical way.

Purposeful and meaningful:

Current Content
Inquiry / Experiential
Intellectual / Academic Rigour 
Current Personal Contexts
Purposeful learning
Emotional intelligence

Uses fertile questions
Student Initiated
Thinking Skills

Consideration is always given, within the curriculum, to facilitating smooth inter-school transitions with joint school planning and dialogue as well as the development of common pedagogies (educational strategies).

School Characteristics: Connectedness

Strong Homeroom (Yrs 7-8) and House culture (Yrs 7-10)
Literacy and numeracy focus: Constructivist pedagogy  
Focus on Citizenship, Identity, Morals, Values
Staff that understand and are committed to the middle phase of learning
Breadth of curriculum and flexibility

Assessment of Learning: Authentic

Assessment in the Middle Years is meaningful and has direct links to the learning process. Assessment is formative in nature, keeping students engaged in the learning process.

Teacher Characteristics: Knowledgeable and Responsive

Are committed to working with emerging adolescents
Have a clear understanding of and empathy with the physical, emotional, academic and social need of the emerging adolescent
Display fairness and are able to set firm, fair and clear boundaries
Understand and are responsive to the wide range of abilities and experiences at this age level
Are able to connect with this age group
Are prepared to keep up to date with current research
Are appropriate, positive role models

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