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Brian NelsonBrian Nelson

Teacher of Graphics and Technology

MFA; Dip VCD; NZCE; Dip Tchg
Phone: 04 388 0850 

Brian joined Scots College in 2006 as a teacher of Graphics. Since then he has expanded his teaching to Workshop Technology and Art.

Prior to Scots, Brian tutored at the Massey University School of Design, which is something he had been doing since 1987 in conjunction with his work as a Graphic Designer.

Brian is passionate about teaching and learning all things to do with creativity, design and technology. He enjoys teaching all levels and has taught in the junior, middle and senior schools. He is comfortable with all levels of technology and is equally adept with making a 3D computer model, or forging the same object from hot iron on an anvil. He is always looking for new skills to master and believes that revisiting traditional skills can give a useful new perspective on modern technologies.

Prior to design, Brian trained as an aeronautical engineer in the Royal New Zealand Airforce. He is particularly interested in inspiring his students to further study in the engineering and technical fields.

He is also a practicing artist and his landscapes feature in the annual Miramar Peninsular Arts Trail and the New Zealand Art Show. Another interest is music, and he can be seen on occasion playing jazz at local venues, or backing many of Scots talented musicians on guitar or bass.

Brian lives in hope that George Bernard Shaw got it wrong when he wrote: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

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