Collegians Outstanding Teacher Award

The Scots Collegians Association Outstanding Teacher Award was established in 2020. The Collegians established this award in conjunction with the College to acknowledge the key part quality teachers play in the development of students at the College.

The awardee is chosen after consideration of feedback from students, staff and parents. This feedback is considered by a panel of Collegians and the College Headmaster and Principals.

The Scots College Outstanding Teacher Award is presented to the teacher who, during the past year, has demonstrated outstanding performance and personal pedagogy in their teaching role at Scots College.

Claire Hall – 2020

Claire Hall, the recipient of the award in 2020 has demonstrated she is an outstanding communicator consistently delivering a holistic approach offering appropriate support, guidance and/or direction promptly, reviewing and updating communication as required.

A demonstrable life-long learner herself, Claire is always available to listen and assist with any issues. No problem is too big or small. Claire makes students, parents and other teachers feel heard. 

As Head of Middle School English she sets an example to others demonstrating outstanding collaboration with other teachers in the Middle School and as Dean of Glasgow House also exemplifies excellent teamwork with other Deans. She is renowned for her willingness to share best practice with other members of staff.

Her ability to adapt to change has been outstanding as demonstrated through the challenges of Covid-19 where despite the disruption her teaching was seamless. Families were glowing about her efforts to support her learners at this difficult time.

She has shown repeatedly she understands the learning needs of a wide variety of students and is consistently caring, offering a supportive and guiding counsel as required. She will always help the “battlers” to get over the line.

Claire has demonstrated exceptional patience in dealing with change, student issues, curriculum demands and the wide range of daily issues which confront teachers in modern schooling.

She identifies with and relates to the wide cross section of cultures within Scots College and involves cultural diversity in themed work.

As the first Awardee of the Outstanding Teacher Award Claire Hall sets a high bar for other teachers to live up to in future.

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