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Sports & Cultural Activities


Physical Education and Sport are an important part in the daily timetable for every Junior School student. The aim of the PE programme is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by involving students in a broad and varied range of sports and activities.  

Throughout the course of the year students develop skills and techniques in gymnastics, football, touch rugby, floorball, cricket and basketball. All students participate actively in cross country and athletics. Important skills gained are learning to work together as part of a team and how to defend and attack in group sports. A big focus of the PE programme is on fair play and graciousness in success and defeat.   

The Junior Syndicate participate in swimming at Kilbirnie Pools during one term of the year. The Senior Syndicate have a dedicated time in the timetable for sports. They participate in swimming lessons, group sports at the ASB Centre and training for fixtures, cross country and athletics.   

Athletics, cross country and swimming culminate in a championship sports day which all Junior School students participate in. The finalists of each of these events go into the Wellington Zone events.  

The Junior School offers a variety of extra and co-curricular activities for students to participate in. For sporting options there are ‘Colts’ teams in Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rugby and Tennis who participate in both home and away fixtures. Some of the other sporting extra-curricular activities we offer are: Athletics, Cross Country, Cycling, Floorball, Golf, Miniball, Swimming and Touch. 

There are winter and summer sporting codes that the students compete against in fixtures other independent schools. Our summer codes are tennis and cricket and our winter codes are football, hockey and rugby. 

The Arts

The Arts is a multidisciplinary subject that draws together music, dance, drama and the fine arts, (painting, drawing and sculpture). As well as learning the skills needed to create art in all its forms, students focus on the subjective nature of the arts and how they can learn more about each other by how they create and view art. Students learn the process and resources within the art room, this allows them to stretch their creative muscles and gives them some autonomy over their projects. In Drama, Dance and Music students explore storytelling, how they respond to music, what music they can create with what they have around them and how to sing together in a group. Students focus on how to be an attentive and supportive audience and present to each other with confidence. 

Of all the things students learn in the Junior Arts Room perhaps the most important is that everyone is different and how we express ourselves in the arts is essential to who we are.

The Junior School offers a variety of extra and co-curricular activities for students to participate in. There are a wide range of opportunities for extra tuition in a variety of instruments. Nearly half the students in the Junior School learn a musical instrument and are given a thorough grounding in the basics of music. Additional extra-curricular activities in the cultural and arts areas include Chess, Choir, Coding and Pipe Band. 

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