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Friday 2nd December   
Rāmere 2 Hakihea
Term 4 2022 Week 7A

Chapel today
Friday 2 December
Years 1 to 8 12:15pm in the gym
Changes to the rest of the day
Years 1-6 Years 7&8
12:45pm lunch 12:45pm lunch
1:45pm Awards assembly 1:30pm Period 4
2:30pm Period 5

When you use public transport, make sure you give up your seat to those who might need it more than you. Don’t just do it because you have to! Do it because it’s the right thing to do! 
When adults see Scots students sat in seats when others who are in need are left standing, it reflects badly on us all!

End of Year Programme begins for Y9 and Y10 on Friday 2nd December 

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