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Player Testimonials

Willem Ebbinge

  • NZ U20 Football
  • Scholarship Harvard University, 2019

Liam Moore

  • NZ U17 Football
  • Scholarship, Loyola University Chicago, 2019


Calvin Harris

  • Wellington Phoenix
  • Scholarship Wake Forest University, North Carolina, 2019


Joe Bell

  • University of Virginia
  • 7x National Champions (3rd most since beginning of the NZSS cup)
  • Located – Charlottesville, Plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
  • Currently ranked 13th in the country by NCAA Coaches and 19th on RPI

With the growth of soccer in the US over the past 10 years the incentive of going over to play and maintain strong academics grew into an opportunity I could not miss out on.

Following on from many Kiwis and ex-team mates I began to look closer into the US as a viable future option for me after leaving high school.

Luckily for me, from Years 11 to 13, I had the chance to be involved with Scots College because they are linked with the Wellington Phoenix Academy. Scots is an ideal school for athletes looking at the US, as academics can potentially be the greatest restriction for players trying to reach the top US schools. Scots College is a unique school in NZ as it gave me the ability to maintain a high standard of school work and train everyday with the Phoenix.

As many athletes will be aware, balancing school work and your sport can easily become overwhelming, but I had support wherever and whenever I needed it. Whether it was 1-on-1 meetings, sorting my schedule, or keeping on top of my papers the College helped immensely allowing me to concentrate on my soccer.

Without the combination of such high quality trainings at the Phoenix and the academic system and support of Scots I would never have made it into the University Of Virginia.

– Joe Bell

Keegan Smith

  • Wellington Phoneix A-League Goalie (whilst studying in Year 13 at Scots)
    Wellington Phoenix Reserves

Moving up to training and playing professionally come with lots of hard work and studying at Scots whilst making this transition helped me to understand that hard work is more than pushing myself at the gym or on the field but to balance life be it study and sports.

Scots College’s small class sizes, supportive teachers and House structure were key in ensuring I completed my school work whilst meeting my football commitments. The small class sizes at Scots meant I built a close relationship within each subject and the teachers were always motivated to make the class work different and enjoyable. I always found the support I needed especially in those subjects I found more difficult and when my football commitments increased.

In my final year I was a Head of House, a prefect position in the College. I really enjoyed this opportunity as it was the House system that I felt was one of the biggest benefits of attending Scots. The House system allows each student to get fully immersed in the school culture with something new and with fun challenges in lots of different areas. As the Head of House I enjoyed getting to work with and help others. My House Dean was one of the main people who helped me to plan and prioritise my study goals when I moved up to playing professional football.

Scots also has a strong Football community who were encouraging at all times, right from when I first arrived in the Boarding House they were an automatic group of friends. This made the transition of moving to a new school and city much easier.

– Keegan Smith

Jake Williams

  • Scots College 1st XI
  • NZ U17 Football Team

I came to Scots College to join the Wellington Phoenix in Year 9. Under the guidance of both Headmaster, Mr Yule and the football coaches and coordinators at Scots, I can safely say that I have developed (and continue to) in both academic studies and my football. The teachers of the College have been incredible over the past few years in helping me to cope with the workload of both school and football, without their backing I would not be the man or footballer I am today.

Scots College is the best place in New Zealand for a schoolboy athlete to develop, in both their respective sports and academia. I will be forever thankful towards Scots.

– Jake Williams

Willem Ebbinge

  • Scots 1st XI
  • NZ U17 Football

Scots College has been a great facilitator in ensuring that I strive to reach my academic potential alongside my heavy sporting commitments with the school and the Wellington Phoenix.

All of my teachers and coaches are more than willing to put extra time and effort into ensuring I have a healthy balance of academics and football, giving me all additional help to keep on top of my studies. This unconditional support alongside the College’s great facilities and programmes have heavily contributed to my development into a more all rounded person and the best footballer I can be.

The school culture is filled with a sense of incomparable brotherhood. Scots is the ideal place in New Zealand for any young aspiring footballer or sportsman at one of the top schools in New Zealand.

-Willem Ebbinge

Oliver Whyte

  • Scots College 1st XI
  • Wellington Phoenix U20
  • NZ U17 Football Team

I began at Scots College in 2013, and debuted for the 1st XI Football team in 2015. In 2017, I am now in Year 13, playing for the Wellington Phoenix U20 and New Zealand U17 national team as well as being part of the Scots 1st XI squad. Throughout my three years in the 1st XI Cole Peverley has been an instrumental part of developing football at Scots College to an elite level.

Scots College and the Phoenix have played a major part in my development. Whether it’s the teachers giving you the extra support, or coaches to assist with improving your game. They are always there to support and aid your development. I believe there is a real pathway through Scots College and the Wellington Phoenix, and that many more young players like myself, will benefit from this system in the future.

– Oliver Whyte

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