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Co-education at Scots College

Since 2016 the Board have been working on the College’s Future Focussed Learning Strategy; ensuring each student at Scots College continues to receive a high-quality education, preparing them to successfully navigate the next steps of their education and futures in a continuously evolving world.

After first introducing co-education in the Senior School in 2020 and upon careful reflection of this strategy and feedback from community consultation the Board resolved to introduce co-education across the full College. This commenced in the Junior School and Middle School in Years 7&9 in 2021 and full co-education from 2022. 

The introduction of co-education has been incredibly positive. A co-educational environment benefits boys and girls in an environment where students:

  • Are provided with a quality education in a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Grow to become confident collaborating and expressing their views in the presence of members of the opposite sex.
  • Learn from one another intellectually and socially
  • Are better prepared for their futures, building the foundations for realistic and meaningful adult relationships
  • Are equipped to take their place in a co-educational world

Years 1-6

Students in Years 1 – 6, learn together in a co-educational setting for all subjects. Providing a co-educational environment for these early years of education is part of providing students with an inclusive and diverse classroom. It encourages students’ self-esteem, social skills and better prepares them for their next steps in education and the world outside the school gates.

The Junior School vision is, “to develop students who take ownership of their own learning, while developing the values and personal standards to successfully navigate the next stage of their education and beyond with distinction.” Learn more about our Junior School here

Enrolments in the Junior School are carefully managed and we encourage families to begin the enrolment process as early as possible to ensure a place for their child.

Years 7-10

Currently students in the Middle School Years 7-10 follow the Diamond Model. This Model has been successful in the transition of co-education in the Middle School and with female roll numbers now higher Middle School Classes will move to be fully co-educational from 2023. In 2023 this will see the class structures within the Middle School change to four co-educational, mixed classes, in each of Years 7 and 8 and five co-educational, mixed classes, across Years 9 and 10.

A fully co-educational College is the next step in our Future Focussed Learning Strategy and we believe this change continues to enhance our educational offering for all students. The effects of increased globalisation and technological advancements have made it essential for students to develop the future ready skills and values of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, citizenship and character in an environment where diversity, empathy and resilience are valued. 

Co-education in the Junior School (Years 1-6)
Co-education in the Middle School (Years 7-10)
Co-education in the Senior School (Years 11-13)

Read our future focussed learning, a fully co-educational College booklet

Class Sizes

In addition to the decision to move to co-education the Board resolved to set specific class size limits in the Junior and Middle School. For each class, these are set at:

– Years 1-2 = 15 students
– Year 3 = 20 students
– Years 4-6 = 22 students
– Years 7-8 = 24 students
– Years 9-10 = 25 students

Once a class size limit is reached a waitlist is developed.

Accessibility & Affordability

A growing roll allows for further investment in the curriculum and those delivering it. Together we strengthen the educational experience for all students, current and future, with the opportunity to develop staff numbers, support programmes, facilities and course options in all three schools.

Another advantage of a growing roll is that it assists us in remaining as affordable and accessible to as many young men and women as possible and the possibility for a family to have all children attend one school. This has seen our community continue to grow locally, nationally and internationally. To further support this the Board introduced a sibling discount to 10% for the second child and each child thereafter.

Sibling discounts cannot be used in conjunction with a scholarship.


Details on the application and enrolment process are available here

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