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Thursday 18 March 2020

Dear Parents & Caregivers

At this stage, we are not expecting widespread school closures. However, there may be temporary targeted closures where a child at a school or area has a confirmed case. Consequently, any decisions about school closures will be made on a case by case basis.

Despite this, Scots College is prepared to move to a Distance Learning Plan should the need eventuate. The Headmaster sent a communication out about this last night or early this morning which you should have received in a separate email. In the case of school closure the intention would still be to keep the boarding house operational. Domestic students will be able to return home. International students living with a homestay family would continue to be hosted by the family through this time or maybe in boarding. 

It is certainly a challenging time but you can be fully assured that we take our duty of care extremely seriously and continue to follow the latest advice from both the NZ Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Health is the government agency that is leading the COVID-19 response in New Zealand. You can find the latest information on their website here:

Tonight, I will be speaking to the Year 13 students, and some year 11 and & 12 students

  1. Distance Learning Plan
  2. Social distancing – Rearranged the dining hall and increased the length of time of meal- times to help provide
  3. Cancellation of Gibb House Chapel Service
  4. Summer sport cancellation
  5. Well-being
  6. Possibility of school closure
  7. Isolation Unit

This week all of our students are on EOTC activities – some locally based, and others offsite at camps experiencing a wide range of outdoor and leadership opportunities. Supervising teachers are reporting in each day and it sounds like everything is going well. We are looking forward to having some photos that we can share with you all next week.

As always, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself.

With kind regards
Gary Henley-Smith
Director of Boarding

Update 23 August

Dear Parents / Guardians

We are four weeks into Term 3 and time seems to be flying by. This is not an easy term for seniors with assessments, mock examinations in week five homework, conclusion of extracurricular commitments, and winter tournament week in week six.  We will be encouraging the boys to take stock and plan for the rest of the term at this stage and a reminder from home would certainly help.

We have been seeing a number of changes to overnight or weekend leave during this term which have occurred late and without the sufficient approval. We realise that circumstances do change and are happy to accommodate these changes but we do ask for as much notice as possible. It is also imperative that Boarding staff has been notified and has approved the change before your son leaves the school grounds. Please email these requests as early as possible, so the appropriate planning can be done.

We have new three tutors Naimh Lynch (England), Manuel Nagel (Germany) and Max Carrier (Germany).  They have settled in well and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Several things are happening in boarding:

  • Once a month at Thursday’s nights dinner we have our special night which we are calling family night. It seems to be the only night that boys do not have late sports trainings and competition. It is a good opportunity for the boys to get together in a more formal manner and celebrate all the things that contribute to our Gibb House family.
  • Boarding is full in most areas of Gibb House except for the Cassie flat. There seems to be a lot of interest for next year. If your son is leaving boarding please ensure that you notify myself and the school of your change. A term’s notice is required.
  • Some boys are getting sick. Too many of the boys are not wearing enough clothing after their sport practices and at night.

The winter sports teams have been very successful this year. 1st XV Rugby and 1st XI Football have both won the Wellington Competition. The Basketball team has been successful and are currently leaders of their competition.

Upcoming Events:

  • Exeat Weekend – Founders break Friday 31 August – Tuesday 3rd—the boarding house closes on Friday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon. School starts again on the Wednesday 4thSeptember
  • Winter sports tournament – Monday 2nd September – Saturday 7th September

Update 15 May 2019

Over the past two weeks your son/s have been busy with their school work, culture activities and winter sports. It is great to see the involvement of so many boarders competing, training for the school and clubs in lots of different activities.

Leaving at the end of Term 2

Malcolm Bradshaw has resigned from Scots College and will leave at the end of Term 2 to take up a position as Head of Maths at Melbourne Grammar School. We will miss Malcolm, Kirsty and the family. Malcolm has been integral in the development of the Scots College boarding over the last four years. He has an excellent manner with the boys. They have enjoyed his friendly, caring and humorous personality. Malcolm’s position has been advertised amoungst the College staff.

We have had some sick boys with colds and flu like symptoms at different year levels. I have spoken to the boys to ensure they change their clothing after training or competitions as soon as possible and to wear the correct clothing for the weather conditions.

As we move towards the middle of Term 2 it is reasonable to expect some boarding fatigue as boys occasionally become frustrated with each other. It is important that our boys recognise this and respect each other’s personal space and well-being, so we can all enjoy living together in Gibb House. Please encourage your sons to consider their fellow boarders before they speak and or act impulsively as this will help back up the message they are receiving from us. 

First Team results:

Basketball: won 118 – 64 vs Wellington College
Football: won 3-0 vs Wellington College
Rugby: Lost 19 -20 vs Hastings BHS

Update 20 March 2019

The past two weeks have been very busy travelling to Queenstown, Christchurch for Athletics and Blenhiem for parents and information meetings. It has been great to catch up with several parents in these areas. Malcom Bradshaw and Matt Allen will be travelling to Greytown today to catch up with parents in the Wairarapa region.

It has been a very sad time for Christchurch and New Zealand since the tragic events in Christchurch last Friday . The staff have been keeping a close on the boys. Thankfully many boys are away on EOTC week which will help shield them from the media.

The EOTC week has been going extremely well. The excellent weather certainly has helped. The boarding house is quiet with 72 boys are away either surfing at Raglan, camping on Great Barrier, walking and mountain biking the Tongariro Crossing and locally, tramping and camping in Marlborough Sounds or canoeing down the Whanganui river. No doubt the boys will have lots of stories about their EOTC week.

Wednesday 20 March:      Greytown Information Evening
Sunday 24 March:              Gibb House Chapel and dinner for Parents (Scots College)
Friday 12 April:                   Gibb House Closes for end of term

Update 1 March 2019

The weeks are flying by with some school events successfully completed. Several boys achieved success at the School Track and Field Championships with Eddie Osei Nketia leading the way with a new school record in the 100m, Tafara Gapare in the U16 High Jump, and Letitaia Campbell in U14 Shot put. Other boys to place first – Eric Lawson (U16 100m), Letitaia Campbell (U14 Discus & Javelin), Valentine Parker (U16 Shot Put), Patrick Wall (U19 1500m).  Tafara Gapare also became U16 Champion, a great effort!

Congratulations to MacKenzie winning by 5 points over Glasgow. Mr Sinnamon is very happy with the result.

House Competition
MacKenzie 1st    417.5
Glasgow     2nd   412.5
Fergusson 3rd     364
Smith          4th    347.5
Mawson     5th    344.5
Aitken         6th    287
Uttley          7th    282.5
Plimmer      8th    268.5

The Scots Gala was a successful day. The boys enjoyed being involved and participating in the event. They were tired on Saturday night. The weather was kind to us which helped immensely. On Sunday we had to cancel the Zoo trip due to the change in weather.  However, the boys seem to enjoy going to the movie Alita at the Empire in Lyall Bay. 

Yesterday the boys and parents had interviews with their tutor on their personalised goal setting plans. It was great to see some of our parents.

Key events this term  

Monday 4 March:              Queenstown Information Evening
Tuesday 12 March:            Blenheim Information Evening
Monday 18 March:            EOTC week for Middle and Senior School students
Wednesday 20 March:      Greytown Information Evening
Sunday 24 March:              Gibb House Chapel and dinner for Parents (Scots College)
Friday 12 April:                   Gibb House Closes for end of term


You are invited to attend dinner following the Chapel. Please email me if you will be attending.

Visits to Blenheim and Greytown

These visits will be an opportunity to catch up with our boarding families in these regions and to share more information with you on the future focused learning changes and co-educational boarding from 2020. If you know of someone who would like to find out more on Scots College and boarding in Wellington with Scots please invite them to attend.

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