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Transport to and from the College

The College uses public transport links and a range of other transport options which are exclusive to Scots College Students. Our website contains information about the Metlink services and routes, our Tranzit services, Shuttles and Ferry Service.

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Metlink Buses
Khandallah, Crofton Downs, Churton Park and Island Bay Tranzit Buses
Shuttles: Hutt Valley and Seatoun Wharf 
Bus & Shuttle Passes

General Bus & Rail Information

Nearly all students now use a Snapper card for travelling on public buses. The College ID card serves as proof of age and identity to make sure that students are able to purchase the appropriate Snapper card during their time at the College and are charged the appropriate fare. The College provides students with the ability to top up the Snapper Card at school and even purchase a Snapper Card.

When using public transport, Scots students should assemble well back from the footpath. It is expected that all students will behave in an orderly manner when using buses and shuttles. Students represent the College when using any form of public transport or the Tranzit, shuttle, train or ferry services. 

Any student reported for misbehaving on a bus may well be banned from using this form of transport.

Metlink Buses

Metlink Updates Term 4 2020

The following information relates to the public buses which serve the Eastern suburbs. There are no scheduled changes to our school services.

Improvements to bus services in your area come into effect Sunday 25 October 2020. These changes are a direct result of the 2019 Bus Network Review and aim to better match the bus network with the needs of local communities.

Improved bus services in Wellington’s Eastern, Western and Southern Suburbs – areas include: Miramar, Seatoun, Strathmore Park and (along the east-west corridor) to the city and Karori, Lyall Bay, Houghton Bay, Island Bay, Owhiro Bay, Kingston, Vogeltown and Brooklyn.

For more information on the Bus Network Review and these improvements please visit:

These changes will be advertised to customers in these areas and along routes – Metlink staff will also be at key bus stops to help when the changes come into effect.

Timetables and maps will be available to view online closer to the change date. For more information visit:

What’s changing?

Route 2 – A new branch added at Miramar providing a direct service between Darlington Road, and the city through to Karori (replacing Route 18) – as well as the existing branch to Seatoun (7 days a week).

This will provide:

  • Direct services from Karori / Wellington city to Miramar (Darlington Rd): No longer transfers required at Miramar Shops
  • Earlier weekday services: Seatoun, Strathmore and South Miramar
  • Higher frequency and capacity into the city: Kilbirnie, Hataitai and Karori

The route 2 ‘split’ at Miramar Shops means that services will alternate between Miramar (Darlington Rd) and Seatoun. Miramar (Darlington Rd) route 2 services will travel via Park Rd, Rotherham Terrace and Darlington Rd to bus turnaround. Seatoun route 2 services continue to use the existing route via Hobart St and Broadway.

Bus fronts will say ‘Route 2 – Miramar’ and ‘Route 2 – Seatoun’.

All Miramar (Darlington Rd) and Seatoun services will operate through to Karori with a weekday daytime frequency of every 15 minutes on both the Miramar (Darlington Rd), and Seatoun sectors, combining to provide a 7-8 minute frequency between Miramar Shops and Karori.

Route 12 – Improved access between Strathmore Park and the city (9am-3pm).

  • The route 12 inter-peak weekday services that currently run between Strathmore Park and Hutchison Terminus (Newtown) will now run between Strathmore Park and Wellington Station via Newtown / Courtenay Place.
  • This gives Strathmore Park a direct route to Newtown, the hospital, Accident & Urgent Medical Centre, Golden Mile, and Wellington Station.

Route 18 – This service is being replaced by the route 2 split, Miramar (Darlington Rd) branch.

Route 18e – Three extra services added to meet school and university student demand.

Route 31x – Will no longer stop at Hataitai.

All morning services are scheduled to arrive well before 8.45am. All afternoon services will depart the College by 3.40pm

Metlink Time Tables

For details about route maps and bus stops, please visit the Metlink website (school timetables). This provides the most up to date and accurate information about all Metlink services, including train timetables.

Changes to the Metlink Timetable

Metlink have finalised and published changes to the bus service which covers Scots College. Please see the attached letter from Metlink which details these changes.

What will the new proposals mean for Scots College in 2020? 

  • Firstly, the final changes will not be posted on the Metlink website until 23/12/2019
  • The 782 will continue to serve Scots in the mornings and afternoons. The afternoon timetable will remain as for 2019. However, the morning trip departure time has changed. This trip will depart 10 mins earlier, at 7.45am, from Lambton Quay – Old Govt Buildings bus stop. The earlier departure means the timetable better reflects actual travel time, and gets the bus to College for the Prep School’s bell time.
  • The 783 will not run in the morning. Instead, a larger 784 will run.
  • The 784 will run in the morning and afternoon.
  • The 790 is being replaced by an extended public bus, the 21.
  • The 791 will run in the morning and afternoon, but is also intended to service St Pat’s Town and Rongotai.

Changes to timings and routes 

  • NB some of these changes are significant, especially for those who use a train service into Wellington CBD.
  • The 782 will depart 10 mins earlier at 7.45am arriving at Scots at 8.17am. In the afternoon it will leave at 3.40pm and arrive at the station at 4.10pm .
  • The 784 will depart at 7.52am, 8 minutes earlier than in 2019. This will impact students arriving on trains from the Hutt/Kapiti Coast. It should arrive at Scots by 8.20am. In the afternoon, it will leave Scots at 3.40pm and arrive at the station at 4.20pm.
  • The 21 will leave Karori Mall at 7.20am. The old 790 service used to leave from the same place 20 minutes later. It’s scheduled to arrive at Scots by 8.13am.
  • The 21 is scheduled to leave Scots at 3.35pm in the afternoons, 5 minutes earlier than the 2019 schedule. It is scheduled to arrive at Karori Mall at 4.18pm.
  • The 791 will leave Karori Arlington St at 7.35am, 5 minutes earlier than the 2019 schedule and will change route through Kilbirnie. It is scheduled to arrive at Scots by 8.24am.
  • The 791 will leave Scots at 3.40pm in the afternoon, but will not go via Ira St and Miramar Cutting. Instead it will go direct to Cobham Drive via Calabar Road. It is scheduled to arrive at the Karori Road stop at 4.35pm.

Metlink has advised families to continue using other public bus services which travel to Strathmore, such as the Number 2.

More information on 782 – Morning route
More information on 782 – Afternoon route

Other Transport Options

Tranzit Buses

Khandallah, Crofton Downs, Churton Park and Island Bay Tranzit Buses services are for the exclusive use of Scots College Students across Prep, Middle and Senior.

In 2020 the College will be operating Tranzit buses to and from Khandallah, Crofton Downs, Churton Park and Island Bay.

Details regarding the routes of these buses are given on the Tranzit bus service page. These routes are reviewed throughout the year and parents will be notified of any changes if they occur. All Tranzit service stops will be from Metlink bus stops. All these stops are coded with a unique number which can be searched and mapped using the site. Students will only be picked up and dropped off at these stops to adhere to health and safety rules regarding Tranzit operations.

In the mornings, the Island Bay Tranzit bus picks up students through Island Bay and Lyall Bay en route to the College. It drops students off at Scots before then going onto the Seatoun wharf where it picks up students who are using the ferry service from Days Bay.

Students wishing to use these Tranzit services will need to buy a 10 Trip Pass or a Term Pass. These are available via the Business Centre and the School Shop.

Lower Hutt Service

A Central Hutt shuttle service is for the exclusive use of Scots College students across Prep, Middle and Senior. These services are reviewed periodically and operate on a termly basis.
Students need to purchase a transport pass to use the shuttle services. Details about routes and times can be found on the Shuttle services page

  • The Central Hutt shuttles operate to and from the College.
  • This service will be run by Tranzit from Term 3 2020.
  • Limited places available with preference given to return passengers/those who use the service the most throughout the school week.
  • Students arrive at College no later than 8.30am and depart at 3.15pm (Prep) and 3.40pm (Middle and Senior School).

Days Bay Ferry Service

A Seatoun Ferry shuttle service is for the exclusive use of Scots College students across Prep, Middle and Senior. These services are reviewed periodically and operate on a termly basis.
Students need to purchase a transport pass to use the shuttle services. Details about routes and times can be found on the Shuttle services page

  • The ferry is a public service run by East by West with one morning sailing departing Days Bay at 8.10am and arriving at Seatoun at 8.30am. There are two afternoon sailings, departing Seatoun at 4.00pm and 6.15pm.
  • A Tranzit shuttle connection is available to transfer students to the College. This shuttle connects with the 8.10am sailing only. Students need to make their own way to the afternoon sailings.

Transport Passes

Students using any shuttle or Tranzit bus service must possess either a Term Pass or a 10 Trip Pass. 10 trip passes continue to be valid across terms. Passes can be ordered online and collected from the College uniform shop or the Business Centre during school holidays. Payments for these passes are charged to your account.

Students are required to show their pass to the driver when boarding for each trip. Drivers will mark each trip on a 10 trip pass.

Term pass prices are based on the number of weeks per term and also include up to 2 weeks free travel (depending on the type of service and length of school term)

Tranzit BusesTerm Pass10 Trip
Khandallah, Crofton Downs, Churton Park$310$45
Seatoun (mornings only)$120$35
Island Bay$490$70
Hutt Valley$665$95

Booking of these services and passes can be made on the Transport Pass Order FormThese costs are reviewed each term and are dependent on the number of passengers. Orders are now open for Term 4.


General Enquiries: Anne Bolton, College Reception (388 0850)
Tranzit Busses: Will Struthers, DP Operations – Middle School
Metlink/Island Bay Tranzit: Jason Laverock DP Operations – Senior School
Prep School: Olive Mulcahy Prep School Secretary

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