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Future Focussed Learning in the Prep School

Innovative learning approaches in the Prep School prepare students for digital futures by creating a seamless pathway to digital fluency that enhances critical thinking through hands on engagement.

We offer this to students right from Year 1 through makerspaces, robotics, problem solving and coding. Coding is integrated into the programme ranging from basic input and output to complicated algorithms with multiple variables. Boys interact with Sphero robots working in small groups to solve challenges and also complete hands on projects using tools, recycled materials and 3D printers.

The Prep School library is transformed into a ‘Makerspace’ where alongside a sanctuary of books it is a learning hub where boys can experiment in solving challenges through coding, basic electronics, tinkering with devices and unleashing creativity through the use of construction blocks and lego.

Project based learning is incorporated across the Prep School culminating in Year 6 students completing a 10 week interdisciplinary project called the PYP Exhibition. Through this project boys undertake an inquiry by identifying an issue and researching, finding experts and interviewing people in the community. This culminates in a presentation and exhibition of their findings and process.

PYP Year 6 Exhibition 2016 from Scots College on Vimeo.

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