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All new families to the College are required to pay their monthly account by
Direct Debit (422KB), unless alternative arrangements are made that are acceptable to the College.

The 2016 fees for Scots College are outlined below.  

International Students:  Please see Fees under International Students section.  Thank you.

Schedule of Fees per term for 2016 (New Zealand Students)  

  Ex GST GST (15%) Inc GST  
Tuition Fees $3,366.96 $505.04 $3,872.00 $15,488.00
Parents’ Association Levy  $15.00 $2.25  $17.25 $69.00
Tuition Fees $4,115.65 $617.35 $4,733.00 $18,932.00
Parents’ Association Levy $15.00 $2.25  $17.25 $69.00
Old Boys’ Levy  $12.00  n/a  $12.00 $48.00
Tuition Fees $4,260.00 $639.00 $4,899.00 $19,596.00
Parents’ Association Levy $15.00 $ 2.25 $17.25 $69.00
Old Boys’ Levy $12.00 n/a $12.00 $48.00
Tuition Fees $4,410.43  $661.57 $5,072.00 $20,288.00
Parents’ Association Levy $15.00 $2.25 $17.25 $69.00
Old Boys’ Levy $12.00    n/a $12.00 $48.00
5 Day Boarding $2,828.17 $323.83 $3,152.00 $12,608.00
7 Day Boarding $3,642.94 $422.06 $4,065.00 $16,260.00
(Includes Activity Fee)        
Boarding fees are charged: 5 Day  7 Day  
   Term 1 $3,782.40 $ 4,878.00  
   Term 2 $ 3,782.40 $ 4,878.00  
   Term 3 $ 3,782.40 $ 4,878.00  
   Term 4 $ 1,260.80 $ 1,626.00  
International Students       Per Annum
Tuition Fees       $29,220.00

The following fees are applicable for all new students

Application Fee $155.00
Acceptance Fee $380.00
Education Bond** $1,000.00

** The Scots College Board of Governors resolved in 2009 that all students new to the College from 2010 would be charged a refundable Bond of $1,000.  This is in addition to the enrolment fee charged by the College.

Why did the Board introduce the Bond?

The Board resolved to implement the Bond to ensure that when students leave the College the risk of unpaid accounts is minimised.

How does the Bond work?

  • The Bond is charged as part of a student’s enrolment and notified in the Confirmation of Acceptance letter.
  • The Bonds are held in a special fund by the College.
  • Bonds are to be paid prior to a student commencing at the College.  Any Bonds that have not been paid at that point are charged to the student’s College account.
  • Bonds are refunded in full once all accounts are settled after a student’s departure from the College

Are the Bonds interest bearing?

Interest is not returned to Bond holders.  Interest received on the Bonds is reinvested in the College.

Fees are reviewed annually by the Scots College Board of Governors. The fees for the next year are available each December.

Payment of College Fees

For all new families at the College a condition of enrolment requires the College to hold a Direct Debit Authority unless alternative arrangements are agreed with the College in writing.

Direct Debit is the preferred payment option.  To settle your College accounts by Direct Debit, please contact our Finance team on (64) 4 388 0879 or email: to obtain the required documentation.

Tuition fees are also payable by credit card through our ANZ Payment Gateway.

A discount of 2% will be issued if the fees are paid in full, before 26 January 2016.  Once the full amount has been received a credit will be issued to the school account.

In addition there is the option of paying fees in 10 monthly instalments by Direct Debit commencing in February 2016 and completing payments in November 2016.  The November instalment must clear the account.

If you with to take advantage of any of the following options; direct debit, lump sum or monthly instalments please contact the Finance team before 31 January 2016.

Account enquiries:

If you have any enquiries about your account, payment options or payment methods, please contact our Business Centre on (04) 388 0879 or email to

Requirements around Notice of Withdrawal

Parents are reminded that under the Conditions of Enrolment, for withdrawal of a student at the end of the school year, notice is required by the last day of Term 3.

Likewise, at least a full term’s notice in writing must be given to the College should a boy be withdrawn from the College, the Boarding House (if applicable) or any activity or arrangement for which a charge is made.

If the notice required as outlined above is not given, parents/caregivers will be liable for the payment of fees for the following term.

In all cases notice of withdrawal is required in writing, addressed to the Principal or Headmaster.


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