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1st XI Football
On Thursday the 18th of May all football teams went to HIBS to play our traditional fixture. The first football team had a hard time against HIBS 8A as we lost. George Renwick, Douglas Beaver and Archie Carruthers had an exceptional game in defence and attack. We had a couple chances but HIBS outdid us with technical skills and intensity. As this was our first game I think our players did exceptionally well but we do have some work-ons for our next game.
Thomas Nystrom-Coe, Captain
Year 7/8 Football Thirds
The game started off with Scots College taking the lead 1-0, HIBS came back 1-1 at halftime. Then Hibs scored a smashing goal making it 2-1 then another to make it 3-1, then annoyingly another goal bumping it up to 4-1 and finally the Scots College year 7/8 thirds scored two more excellent goals making the final score 4-3 to the Hibs third team on Thursday the 18 of May. Jia Ashaye was named player of the day for the 3rds.
Jia Ashaye, Captain
On Thursday the 18th of May we went to HIBS to play against the 4th eleven and lost but the team played very well, we were very happy with the game. There are lots of people in our team who tackled.
Grace Linford 4th XI Captain

Year 7/8 Rugby 

Yesterday we travelled to HIBS to play rugby against their YR7-8 team.  We were determined to play well but we were nervous too because we had never played together before as a new team, and last year HIBS beat us by a big score.  

The first half started with a hiss and a roar.  We scored an early first try in the corner gave us a big boost of confidence, but then HIBS scored shortly after, and the scores were tied at 7-7 all.  But we didn’t let that stop us, especially as we remembered what our coaches Dougal and Tivi said before the game .. “get physical and keep going”.  Our forwards worked hard to take the ball up the middle and our backs worked hard to use their speed to set up tries.  We scored another 2 awesome tries and at half time we were leading 19-14.  The second half we came out firing and with great teamwork, we scored another 2 tries to lead 33-14.  But then we had a little snooze and let HIBS score 2 tries to close the gap to 38-26.  Unfortunately, we got a too excited with our tackles and had 2 players get yellow cards, so for the last 10 mins we only had 13 players on the field.  But we played our hearts out, never gave up and when the final whistle blew, we won 38-33.  We were so happy and proud of ourselves, and Sophie got player of the day which was pretty cool!

Astyn K. Meredith-Turuwhenua

On Thursday, 18 of May the Year 7&8’s rugby XV played against HIBS 1st team. The game started with Scots 1st XV scoring the 1st try and HIBS scoring 2 tries after that. Highlights of the game was RJ’s 4 tries, Astyn’s try, and Matai’s try. Matai and Astyn did well because they stuck to our gameplan. Our gameplan was to run straight and hard, and clear our rucks. Astyn, Matai, Theo and RJ also played well by running hard on our many penalty tap and goes. Scots 1st XV played physical rugby during the game. The final score ended up 33-38 to Scots. Player of the day for HIBS was Jayden, for Scots the player of the day was Sophie Flood. Well done to everyone in the team and a special thanks to our coaches Tivi and Dougal. Thanks to all the parents who came out to support.
RJ and Sophie

On Thursday 18th May the boys and girls of Scots College took to the fields of HIBS. The seconds Scots rugby team fought an amazing battle against Hibs but unfortunately lost 27-38. We were still happy because it was our first-time meeting and playing a full match with each other and we got more than 20 points which was a great achievement. We had a great time playing and it was really fun. Our team played very well, Charlie Dickinson ran past the entire team to bring home a try and conversion which boosted the team’s morale, and we kept on playing hard until the end. At the end HIBS and Scots decided to give out awards for play of the day, Oscar Immerman won the play of the day for the seconds Scots rugby team. It was great being at HIBS because it’s a thing we only do once a year and HIBS showed great sportsmanship while we were there, everyone had fun, which was mainly the point of the fixture, to have fun and have great sportsmanship. It was a real privilege and honour to represent Scots College.
Callum Brough 

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