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The Power of a pause

“Peace, happiness and Joy is possible during the time I drink my tea”- Thich Nhat Hanh

I little while ago I come across an article with this title and remembered how important this is to do in taking care of our wellbeing especially as life can be very full and at times challenging.

Coming to nearly the end of a busy term it has been a good reminder for me to take that pause in my day to slow down and reconnect even if it is taking some deep breaths and pausing long enough to experience how this feels.

In a past blog I talked about taking that pause in our day to be grateful for even the smallest things can make a difference. The pause may consist of moments to smell the roses may be spending time with family, reconnecting with nature, relaxing or simply taking some deep breathes whatever works for you

Just remembering…. To take that time for the pause.

Terry Hershey writes in his book The Power of Pause. “While waiting for perfect, we pass on ordinary. While waiting for better, we don’t give our best effort to good. While waiting for new and improved, we leach the joy right out of the old and the reliable”. He suggests we pause and notice those ordinary moments. “They are morsels with joy hidden deep within”

Go Well
Jackie Calder
School Counsellor

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