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Code of Conduct

All of our players are expected to adhere to the college’s Code of Conduct and this is a message that will be pushed by all coaches and managers.

Supporters are a big contributor to the success of our winter season. Scots College supporters have always been superb; often setting the standard for other supporters.

We encourage everyone to have a read of our Code of Conduct and look forward to seeing and hearing everyone on the side-line this term.

Code of Conduct

All members of sports teams of Scots College must:

  • Co-operate with teammates, coaches, officials and opponents and treat all of them with respect.
  • Strive for excellence, have fun, and develop skills.
  • Know the rules of the game and play by both the letter and the spirit of the rules.
  • Realise that officials are there to interpret the rules and accept their decisions with dignity.
  • Never behave in such a manner that would reflect badly on, or disgrace the team, and/or the College.
  • Never use coarse language or insult opponents, coaches or spectators.
  • Be in attendance at the required times – attendance is essential unless a prior arrangement has been made with the coach.
  • Always participate according to the values of good sportsmanship.
  • Always wear the correct College, practice and playing uniform.
  • Show modesty in victory and grace in defeat.
  • The key to a successful team is communication; if you are unable to attend a training or game you must let your coach know with sufficient notice.

    For Parents and Supporters of the College

    All supporters of Scots College teams should consider the following:

    • Sport is about having a positive attitude. You can assist in setting a positive tone and help to make sport an enjoyable experience
    • Encourage your son/daughter, and other team members, in their efforts in the sporting arena.
    • Insist that your son/daughter plays within the rules of the game and by the principles of fairplay, irrespective of the manner in which opposition may play the game.
    • Being part of a team is a commitment; assist your son/daughter to live up to their commitments. Do not accept your son/daughter letting their team-mates and coaches down.
    • Ensure your son/daughter attends all practices and is well turned out with the correct playing uniform for games.
    • Watch your son/daughter play whenever possible. Make an effort to understand the game and its’ rules.
    • Display self-control on the sideline. Do not shout at or ridicule any players on either team.
    • Remember your son/daughter is playing sport for their reasons not yours.
    • Respect your son’s/daughter’s efforts regardless of whether they win, draw or lose.
    • Show respect for the coach and management of your son’s/daughter’s team. They have a difficult job and do not need interference or negative comments from observers.
    • Show appreciation for the people who make it possible for your son/daughter to play sport. They are invariably volunteers and are involved because they enjoy the game.



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