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Scots College sport openly encourages healthy competition so students can learn much more than simply winning and losing. We provide a comprehensive programme which caters for all interests and abilities, while ensuring the Scots College community is represented with pride. All Senior School students are expected to take part in sporting activities.

The College offer an extremely wide range of sporting activities and our students can discover their potential, explore their interests and develop their sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.

The following sporting activities are on offer:

Summer: Athletics, Bowls, Cricket, Cycling, Dragon Boating, Golf, Life Saving, Swimming, Tennis, Water Polo, Volleyball, Sailing

Winter: Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Underwater Hockey


Scots College strongly encourages our Senior School students to explore and develop skills and talents in cultural activities, including performing arts as part of their all-round education.

A wide range of activities is available and each student participates according to interests and abilities.

There is also the Young New Zealanders’ Challenge (Previously the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme) in which all Middle School students are registered for the Bronze, and Senior School students can encouraged to choose to continue on and achieve their Silver and Gold Award.

The ability to think creatively and laterally is a key success factor in today’s competitive environment. Whether it be design, photography, fine arts, graphics or media studies which interests our students, we provide courses of study that enable our students to build careers out of their artistic pursuits.

Our programmes are flexible and are designed to assist students to gain an understanding and appreciation of art. They explore how different media influence the communication of ideas and examine the purpose of images and objects and the contexts in which they were made.

There are several art exhibitions held each year by the Senior School students which parents and other invited guests attend.


bandMusic also plays an important role in the day-to-day life of Scots College. It encourages independence, poise and self-esteem as well as confidence and provides opportunities for risk taking.

Students are offered a wide range of instruments as options for tuition as well as various ensemble groups (choir, chamber, orchestral and jazz) as well as the pipe band. These ensembles enjoy an excellent reputation nationally.

The College operates a Visiting Music Tutor Scheme who include many outstanding performers of international and national reputation.

The House Music Competition is a highlight of our annual programme and, throughout the year, instrumental competitions gain parental and student support.

Our Choirs draw from all student age groups in their provision of choral support for Chapel services on weekdays and Sundays. Students can attend a variety of music concerts throughout the year.

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