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Self- compassion

Self-compassion extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure or general suffering.

How able are we in showing compassion with ourselves? How well do we do this in our daily life?

We are easily able to show compassion to others listening, understanding, showing empathy when they may be struggling. When it comes to ourselves it can be more of a challenge to treat ourselves with compassion and gentleness when we are struggling. Self-Compassion can make a great difference to our wellbeing it can support us in managing stressors in daily life. It helps us to bounce back quicker building resilience..

Compassion for ourselves means to honour and accept our humanness things do not always go the way we want them to we will make mistakes fall short of our ideals this is the human condition a reality shared by us all the more we can be open to this realty instead of fighting against it the more we will be able to feel compassion for ourselves and others.

I have included a link to a leading researcher and Psychologist in the field of Self Compassion Dr. Kristen Neff her work and knowledge can support us in learning practical ways in how we can bring Self- compassion into our daily life supporting  our sense of wellbeing.

Go Well
Jackie Calder
School Counsellor

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