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Rethinking stress

As we come into Term 3 we have an awareness of this being a shorter term with lots of different events taking place and the senior school preparing for exams.

I thought it would be an appropriate time to look at stress. Our perception of stress can make a big difference to how we manage stress in our life. Rethinking stress as something that can work for us not against us can be helpful though at times understandably challenging. Stress is there to help us survive not to harm us but it doesn’t always work or feel that way. Shifting it from a negative force to a more positive one can change the emotional impact for us. How we look at stress itself our perception is something we can control so if we can change the way we think about it we can change the emotional impact for us.

I have included links to articles on stress that may be helpful over this time

Go Well

Jackie Calder
School Counsellor

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