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Public Speaking, Speech and Drama, Communicating in Leadership

Oral language is the foundation of all literacy and communication is the key to success.

Our classes give students the skills to communicate with confidence, clarity and courtesy. The following courses are available:

  • Speak Out | Public Speaking – learn to confidently present and offer opinions using public speaking skills including impromptu and extempore speaking, persuasive speaking, interviews, meeting procedure and reading aloud.
  • Stand Out | Speech and Drama –learn to perform with confidence and capture an audience’s attention through drama, poetry speaking, reading aloud, improvisation and so much more.
  • Step Out | Communicating in Leadership– leadership skills through extempore speaking, reading aloud, social speeches and inspirational speaking. 


The Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 programme:-

  • In Term 3 all students will undertake a Speech New Zealand examination, where an independent examiner assesses their work. This is a vital tool for gaining confidence, striving for improvement and celebrating success. Students are awarded certificates to mark their achievement and grade lapel badges are available.

The Years 11, 12 and 13 programme covers:-

  • At this level, Speech New Zealand examinations are sat in three modules throughout the year. A certificate is awarded to successful students and grade lapel badges are available. By Year 13, students have the opportunity to work towards an Associate Diploma.

The lessons are all part of a full year’s programme and homework is set each week. Students are encouraged to participate in all speaking opportunities such as school debates, class speeches and drama productions.

If you have any questions or you’d like to know more, please contact:

Brittney Silk
LSB Teaching, Speech & Drama
Email: brittney@branchoutstudios.co.nz

Speech Contract 2020

This course is a full year’s programme.
There are 4 terms per year totalling approximately 32 classes.
Lessons are 50 minutes long and class sizes vary from 1 – 6 students.

The lessons take place on a rotating basis during normal class time for Years 7 to 10. Lessons for Years 11 to 13 take place before school, during lunch or after school. Class lessons missed must have the homework completed for that class.


Payment is due in advance. Fees are invoiced at the start of each term and are due 21 days from date of invoice.  A 10% late payment fee will be charged to outstanding accounts.

If the student wishes to withdraw from speech, at least a term’s notice in writing is appreciated.

Lessons missed by the student are not made up.   (All students have a timetable).


Number in class 50 minute lesson
Years 7-10
Years 11-13

Added to the Term 1 account:-

  • A $35.00 resource and photocopying fee.
  • Grade 6 only- a “Speak Up” theory book – Cost $25.00
  • Entry Fee for the first exam module for Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  • Entry Fee for Diploma exam modules.

Added to the Term 2 account is:-

  • Examination fee. This varies according to the grade. (The 2019 fee for grade 4 was $156.00)

Added to the Term 3 account is:-

  • Speech NZ lapel badge available to all successful students at Initial to Grade 8 costing $15.00

Terms of enrolment

Submission of form means acceptance of the terms and conditions listed on this page.

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