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Sport and Culture



Sport and PE plays an important part in schooling in the Prep school. We feel that sport enhances the physical wellbeing of the students and provides a great opportunity to work in a team with their peers. We endeavour to involve as many students in teams as possible in our fixtures with local and other Independent Schools along with local school competitions.

All classes have PE by a specialist teacher each week learning a range of sports and fundamental skills. Thursday afternoons are also the Prep School (Yrs 4-6) sports afternoons. All students participate in a variety of sports and activities learning important skills that are transferable to the sports on offer. House competitions and fixtures may be held during this time.

Local competitions

Local competitions are open to all students from Year 1-6 and do not require students to trial. If they are interested, then they are in a team. Local competitions are played against schools in the Eastern suburbs and played at ASB, Wakefield Park and WRAC. Students can choose from a range of sports including Floorball, Minipolo, Miniball, Touch rugby, and Golf coaching.

Fixture teams

Year 4,5 & 6 students may trial for selection in teams that are involved in inter-school fixtures for cricket, tennis, hockey, rugby and football. Students are selected on merit after trials, observations made in practices and the basis of our knowledge of a student’s performance over a period, both at school and within the community. New students are not disadvantaged, and we make every effort to observe them in the sporting arena when they arrive. Similarly, we continue to observe those who do not gain selection in school teams in the first instance and encourage them to improve in their chosen sport. We have access to specialist coaching to develop students sporting ability. School teams may practise on one or two lunchtimes a week. The team coach will communicate with parents about this.

The Arts


Visual art, music and drama are very important dimensions of our Arts curriculum in the Prep School.

The ability to think creatively and laterally is a key success factor in today’s competitive environment. Arts study, in many forms, assists students to develop confidence and freedom of expression in their day to day life. We are fortunate to have talented specialist teachers passionate about teaching the Arts and developing the children’s abilities and passion for the arts.

The Prep School encourages pupils to experiment with a range of different mediums, from papier mache to computer graphics. Music is able to inspire students to develop as individuals and realise their potential in many ways. It also assists students’ ability to communicate with others and cope more successfully with other areas of life. The Prep School have a well-established junior and senior choir. They regularly sing at school functions and events along with Wellington events such as Artsplash. Our choirs practice each week.

Scots Prep School offers a wide range of opportunities for extra tuition in a variety of instruments. Nearly half the students in the Prep School learn a musical instrument and are given a thorough grounding in the basics of music.

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