The Exhibition

In the students’ final year of the PYP, there are five units of inquiry and the exhibition. The exhibition takes place under one of the six transdisciplinary themes. Students engage in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.

The Exhibition is a significant event in the life of a PYP school and a PYP student, synthesizing the essential elements of the programme and sharing them with the whole school community. It is a great opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the Learner Profile and develop the Approaches to Learning through their engagement with the programme.


• for students to engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
• to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning
• to provide students with an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives
• for students to synthesize and apply their learning of previous years and to reflect upon their journey through the PYP
• to provide an authentic process for assessing student understanding
• to demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning
• to unite the students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community in a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP
• to celebrate the transition of learners from primary to middle/secondary education.

Watch the below video to hear from the Year 6 group of 2018 talk about their passions they chose for their exhibition project and the actions and solutions to a real life problem.

Year 6 PYP Project 2019 from Scots College on Vimeo.

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