Garden of Honour Nominations

Established in 2004 the Scots Collegians Garden of Honour  recognises those who have given significant service to the College, such that it is deserving of a place in the history of Scots College. This Recognition is open to all who participate or have participated in College life including members of the Board of Governors, Staff, Parents, Scots Collegians and others.

The Garden of Honour is housed below the Foundation Courts with a plaque honouring each member inducted. For the full list of inductees click here.


  • The service rendered to College life must be of an exemplary nature with a firm foundation of merit.
  • This is not an award that purely recognises length of service or benefaction, but rather one that commemorates service that has reached a deserving and laudable echelon of effort and contribution. Those selected must have made a contribution of prolonged significance or are acknowledged as having made a real impact if of short duration.
  • Any person nominated for Recognition must be recognised as having formally ended their connection with the College.
  • There shall be no consultation with the nominated person or their family once a nomination has been received.
  • Failure of a nominee being endorsed in the year of nomination, does not preclude the person being considered in a subsequent year.


  • Nominations may be made by any of the members of the College family such as Scots Collegians, The Society, Parents’ Association and Staff.
  • Each organisation is responsible for selecting nominees to go forward from their area for consideration. Applications must highlight how their nomination fulfils the requirements of the above criteria and be cognisant of the high standard expected. To allow the Executive of Scots Collegians to assess accurately the validity of any nomination a comprehensive list of details must be included such as: length of service, details of the service and most significantly how the College and its students have benefited from such service.
  • The Executive of Scots Collegians holds complete authority and responsibility for all decisions regarding the final selection.

Garden of Honour Nomination

Nomination form for the Scots Collegians Garden of Honour.

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