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The initial connection for Scots art students with the real world of New Zealand contemporary artists was initially established through the Scots 2011 Art Auction, when over 40 leading New Zealand artists, gallery owners and collectors donated over 60 art works to support the establishment of the artwork collection on the first floor of the College’s Creative & Performing Arts Centre.

In the 2011 Scots Art Auction catalogue, lead organiser, parent and art collector, Aloysius Teh wrote: ‘It’s often the case that New Zealand artists are overlooked when art students begin their journey of discovery and learning.  The New Zealand contemporary artists represented in this catalogue include some of our leading and best talent, and others who are at the start of their journey with great promise of successful careers.  The Art Auction project connected learning with the real world – the artists, their galleries and art collectors.  The artists’ support is recognised in the Artists’ Room on the first floor of Scots’ Creative & Performing Arts Centre, and all students at Scots have every reason to be inspired and aspire as high as the artists who have generously supported this learning investment.’

With the completion of the College’s Visual Arts facilities, and with its art collection of works loaned from several art collectors, Aloysius and Eileen Teh, Fiona Campbell and Sir Richard Taylor and Lady Tania Taylor, Scots made a commitment to establish a long term learning and development connection between leading New Zealand artists and students, to build talent and interest, and encourage excellence in the visual arts.  It was from this commitment and Aloysius Teh’s passion for art that the Artist in Residence Programme was born.

The College’s Vision:

To achieve foster passion and excellence in the visual arts through the establishment of the an annual Artist in Residence Programme, commencing September 2013.

Aims of Scots College Artist in Residence Programme:

  1. To promote and foster a world-class arts programme for all students at Scots College.
  2. To support Staff and students at the College in the development of teaching programmes and individual work.
  3. To inspire students in their arts programme and to develop students’ understanding of culture and creativity.
  4. To create connections between the College and the wider community that enhance our profile as a College with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to education.
  5. To profile the Arts both at Scots College and in the wider community as a centre of excellence by fostering the use of all available cultural resources, such as artists, museums and art centres.

The Artist in Residence programme consists of three inter-connected initiatives:

  • An ‘artist in residence’ programme where a New Zealand artist will be invited to share their knowledge and experience, teach and work with students within the day to day student art curriculum for all three schools, over a period of up to four weeks annually.  The art residency will be for practitioners in the disciplines of painting, photography [digital and traditional], mixed media, drawing and sculpture.  [Future consideration will also be given to literature, music, performing arts, design and dance.]

Each in Residence programme will focus on student participation and interaction, and is designed to enhance classroom learning.  Residents will work closely with teaching staff to make curriculum ties to particular subject areas across the three schools.

The Artist in Residence Programme will provide an opportunity for the artist to

  • explore his/her practice within another community and culture;
  • experience life in a different location;
  • draw upon the multi-faceted profile of the College for inspiration, and to
  • have access to the Scots College community which may provide an additional audience with buying power.

Developing talent and inspiring art excellence to achieve greater things are key outcomes for both artist and students. 

  • Art awards – building on the sports and performing arts recognition at the annual Scots Sports and Performance Awards Dinner, three art awards will be established at the end of the residency.  These will be for the top art student in NCEA 1, NCEA 2 and NCEA 3 the previous year as advised by the Head of Art, and the art awards will be presented at the annual end of year Sports, Arts & Performance Awards Dinner.  The sponsor of the Artist in Residence Programme, together with the artist and their spouse/partner, and art dealer, will be invited to this annual Dinner.  The sponsor of the Artist in Residence Programme will present the three art awards at the Dinner and will be granted the opportunity to speak briefly about the Artist in Residence Programme.
  • Art publication and Art Works – a portfolio of art works made by the artist during their residency programme and selected art works made by students may be produced and archived.  The art works produced by the artist will be for sale or auctioned to help build, sustain and expand the visual arts programme for the future.

Criteria to be met by Artist in Residence:

The artist will:

  • Be a New Zealander or New Zealand resident
  • Be recognised as a leading or emerging art practitioner in one or more disciplines of painting, photography [digital and traditional], mixed media, drawing and sculpture
  • Have a sufficient body of work that clearly demonstrates a significant level of talent
  • Have an exhibition history which has resulted in significant critical evaluation and acclaim
  • Be able to reside in Wellington and work fulltime at the College’s Creative & Performing Arts Centre during the residency programme
  • Have experience in teaching and is interested in working with young art students
  • Be available for a limited number of media interviews and other public relations work during the residency – this will include acknowledgement of the sponsor
  • Acknowledge the College and the Sponsor on any publicity material
  • Agree to assist in obtaining other appropriate artists to participate in the College’s Artist in Residence Programme.

If you are interested in applying for the Artist in Residence programme, please contact the Development Office, tel: 04 388 0866, email:

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