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NZQA scholarship results for 2019

Scots College is pleased to announce our NZQA scholarship results for 2019:

Congratulations to Felix Goddard, Peter Lang, Logan Ngan, Finlay Player, Jonathan Smith and Oscar Van Hest who have been awarded NZQA Scholarship Awards for gaining three or more NZQA Scholarship exam passes. This is the first time we have had six students achieve this number of Scholarship Awards.

These students will be awarded up to $6000 each towards their tertiary study.

In total 13 of our students gained a total of 29 scholarships across a range of subjects, of which seven were marked at “Outstanding” level.

Congratulations should go to Felix Goddard who was recognised as an Outstanding Scholar.

Students that sit NZQA scholarship exams are assessed on their ability to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation. The exams are designed to extend the very best students and are regarded as the most prestigious secondary school award in the country, offering financial rewards for those going on to full-time tertiary study in New Zealand.

“New Zealand Scholarship is designed to challenge the very best students, and all scholarship recipients deserve to be congratulated for their hard work and achievement,” says NZQA Deputy Chief Executive Assessment, Kristine Kilkelly.

The table below lists the results of our students for 2019:

DavisMarco12SCHL - StatisticsS
GoddardFelix13SCHL - BiologyO
GoddardFelix13SCHL - ChemistryO
GoddardFelix13SCHL - PhysicsO
HancockCallum13SCHL - Classical StudiesS
HancockCallum13SCHL - Health and Physical EducationS
HessLukas13SCHL - BiologyS
HessLukas13SCHL - GeographyS
LakshmanSiddhant13SCHL - DramaS
LangPeter13SCHL - ChemistryS
LangPeter13SCHL - PhysicsS
LangPeter13SCHL - GeographyS
MooreAndrew13SCHL - ChemistryS
MooreAndrew13SCHL - StatisticsS
NganLogan13SCHL - EnglishS
NganLogan13SCHL - BiologyS
NganLogan13SCHL - StatisticsS
ParkerEdward13SCHL - DesignO
PlayerFinlay13SCHL - ChemistryO
PlayerFinlay13SCHL - EnglishS
PlayerFinlay13SCHL - BiologyS
PlayerFinlay13SCHL - EconomicsS
SmithJonathan13SCHL - PhysicsO
SmithJonathan13SCHL - ChemistryS
SmithJonathan13SCHL - EconomicsS
TaylorSamuel13SCHL - Design and Visual CommunicationO
Van HestOscar13SCHL - EnglishS
Van HestOscar13SCHL - BiologyS
Van HestOscar13SCHL - ChemistryS

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