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House System

Potatau House

The House System adds another dimension to a student’s experience in the Junior School. Houses foster pride, team work and cooperation as well as providing an avenue for our Year 6 students to develop their leadership skills.

Each student from Years 1 to 6 is assigned to a House upon starting at the Junior School and remain in that House for their time in the Junior School. Each House has a Head of House Teacher and Year 6 House Leader.

Students earn House points for all Interhouse activities, such as Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, House Music, Chess, Haka and major sports. The winning House is awarded the Townsend Shield for Interhouse Competition – Sports and Cultural at the Junior School Prize Giving. One House is also awarded the PJ Avery Interhouse Shield for Academic Endeavour and Service.  

Where there is a family connection to a House (sibling, parent, grandparent) then students will be placed in the same House. 

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