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Introducing our School Counsellor to the Scots Community

It is a privilege as the school counsellor to be able to share a regular fortnightly blog with you. I will endeavor to use this space to share relevant tips and resources to support the Scots Community.

One topic I believe is relevant for students coming back from a long break and settling into a new year with changes, challenges and stressors ahead is learning to build resilience.

We can all nurture courage in ourselves and others and help grow resilience. We need to give our young people space to make mistakes. Our mistakes and failures can be our biggest learnings and growth in life. Learning to take responsibility for our behavior, learning problem solving skills, practicing gratitude, kindness and respect for ourselves and others are all part of building resilience.

Below I have included a link to “20 powerful and practical ways to build resilience in children” and a link to Skylight. Both links have great information and resources on resilience.

“If they are brave enough to try they have the right to get it wrong. As many times as it takes— every experience gives new wisdom that wasn’t there before. It’s why the brave ones get there in the end. They have the knowledge and experience that can only be found when rising from the falls”- Karen Young.

Go Well

Jackie Calder

If you would like further information on building resilience you are welcome to contact me at calderj@scotscollege.school.nz

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