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Dr Dolittle Jr – An expose on masks!

The super talented Georgina Rarity has spent many many weekend and evening hours creating the fabulous masks for our Middle School production Dr Dolittle. The cast are extremely lucky to have such wonderful professional pieces of art to wear in their show. It’ll be hard for them to let go as they say goodbye to their beloved animal characters. She also created an individual make up pallets to go with each mask and their wearer.

Explaining her process Georgia says, ‘’To make the masks, I started with small cardboard prototypes based on the same head structure. These were less than 5cm long, so very small. Once I was happy with an overall design, the prototypes were cut to lie flat and scanned into Illustrator.

The scan of each mask was drawn around to create a template and these were rescaled to create the masks and cut on the laser cutting using EVA foamboard. EVA foam is commonly used for props, costuming, and are used frequently for cosplay. Each mask section was hand-glued and painted to fit the overall desired look with additional featured added last, such as strapping and feathers’’

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the masks you’ll see on stage, get your tickets here!

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