What is Distance Learning at Scots College

Scots College seeks to ensure that its students are future ready. Increasingly students are required to learn in an online format and are likely to have to ‘Learn. For Life’ at all stages of their lives.

We are also aware that under exceptional circumstances that may require partial or full campus closure, we may have to learn online. In such circumstances, our commitment is to provide an alternative means of education in the form of Distance Learning.

Distance Learning outlines a student’s experience when school remains in session, but due to campus closure students are unable to physically attend school. Distance Learning allows our teachers to deliver instruction for students to meet expected outcomes in an online environment.

The Scots College Distance Learning experience aligns with our normal learning principles. Our students will be empowered to make choices about how they reach clearly defined learning goals; be engaged in collaboration to solve authentic problems; feel safe to take intellectual risks while persevering through challenges; be supported with modeling, differentiation, specific feedback, and opportunities for reflection and revision; and, will continue to be passionate, intrinsically motivated, and inspired to action.

The success of our Distance Learning endeavor is a partnership and is dependent on careful planning by our dedicated Staff, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support for this alternative mode of instruction. The result of such learning experiences will continue to develop student academic progress.

While this is a time of uncertainty and challenge, it is also a time that provides us with unlimited opportunities to connect with ideas and with classmates who may be scattered all over the world.

The purpose of this document is to outline how Scots will continue to offer a Blended Learning model, which includes both an Asynchronous Learning Environment and a Synchronous, real-time engagements.

An Asynchronous Learning Environment is a learning environment that does not require participants, teachers, and students to be online at the same time. Since staff and students may be spread across the globe and a multitude of time zones, this is an essential part of the Scots Distance Learning plan.

Synchronous, real-time engagements are opportunities for students to participate in engagements with their teachers and classmates at an established time to allow for interactions in real time. A meta-analysis and review of Online Learning Studies from the US State Department of Education indicates that blends of online and face-to-face instruction, on average, had stronger learning outcomes than did face-to-face instruction alone.

We thank you once again for your consistent and unwavering support as we work together to deliver continuity of learning during this challenging time. Do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if in need.

The following Distance Learning Plan is designed to address the following scenario:

  • Asynchronous learning to ensure the opportunity for all students to learn in all time zones;
  • Synchronous engagements to support learning and socio-emotional well-being of students through real-time engagements;
  • Limited and/or variable online access to technology and internet for some students;
  • Extended flexible timeline for Distance Learning delivery (at least, if not more than two weeks); and
  • A commitment to monitoring and improvement of this plan and the student experience during the time of its implementation.

Scots is committed to monitoring the Distance Learning Plan and student experience. The tools used for monitoring may include, but are not limited to:

  • Data on student engagement from digital learning platforms – Seesaw and Office 365 (One Note, Teams) -provide data on student engagement.
  • Feedback from students, parents, and teachers to help us understand how the plan is impacting student, family and teacher experiences, and to provide data on what improvements we may make going forward.
  • Review of Seesaw, OneNote and Teams postings as a form of data collection to support teachers and students in aligning learning to the Distance Learning Plan.

This Distance Learning Plan will define the following:

  • An implementation procedure to conduct school remotely until resumption of normal operations;
  • Details on the expectations required of both teachers and families for the successful continuation of student learning and family communication; and,
  • Individual school plans that address developmentally appropriate and meaningful student learning experiences.

The following Online Platforms support both Distance Learning and staff/student/family collaboration to ensure a quality student learning experience when planning and delivering remotely:

  • Scots email is the communication tool used to contact and communicate with families from Years 1-13.
  • Seesaw is the Distance Learning Platform used in the Junior School. Years 5 & 6 may also use One Note
  • Office 365 tools (One Note and Teams) are the online Distance Learning Platforms used in the Middle and Senior Schools.
  • OneNote and Teams are the online collaboration platforms for Staff for remote instructional planning.
  • From these online platforms students may be directed to other online learning environments such as EdPerfect and Kognity in the Middle and Senior Schools.

In addition to the above resources, we encourage Staff, students, and parents to contact helpdesk@scotscollege.school.nz for any technical related questions and to expect a response within 24 hours. This email account is managed by our Tech Support Team.

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